Astro Order Forms

While these reports cannot substitute for a professional astrology reading, they do provide accurate and invaluable insights into your authentic nature and personality, as well as the influences that are affecting your life and potential soul growth.

Your natal horoscope, or birth chart, is a snapshot of the heavens at the moment you were born.  The chart represents your personal signature, providing insight into personality, character, gifts and challenges. – $20

Each year, the Sun returns to its exact natal position, and this sometimes occurs one day before or after your actual birthday.  The snapshot of the sky at the time the Sun returns to its natal position represents the yearly theme from one birthday to the next year’s birthday. – $20

The transit report shows you what planetary influences are interacting with your natal chart (the snapshot of the sky at the time you were born).  Transits tend to activate or trigger certain areas of life, providing the impetus for needed growth and change. – $30

The Compatibility Report, also known as “Synastry”, compares two individual’s natal charts and examines the inter-aspects between them. Bear in mind that the aspects described, both harmonious and challenging, represent inherent tendencies that can be gifts to the relationship if handled consciously. – $30

The composite chart represents the fusion of energy that two people create when they come together. It is a third entity, like a child, and inherits the qualities of both people.  It has a life all its own and exists independently of either of the partners. – $30