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Please stay tuned as we take a brief sabbatical.  In the meantime, you can enjoy previous shows on my youtube channel or click the link below:

A BIG THANK YOU to all guests who joined me on Cosmic Harmony! I am so grateful to all who joined me while I hosted Cosmic Harmony with Jennifer Gehl. I hold deep gratitude for each of you, as well as Deborah Beauvais at Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network. Listed here are my guests, most recent at the top, and interviews are still available to listen and download for a limited time! I also wish to thank my sponsor, The YaZo Group! Let the YaZo Group promote your holistic practice: Tzivia Gover, Director at The Institute for Dream Studies: John Grove, Psychotherapist, Astrologer, Author, Psychosocial Treatment, Inc. Rachel Condon, L. Ac., Owner, Noho Community Acupuncture:\ Jill Leslie Ross, Founder of The APP Space, a Place for Art, Philosophy, and Practice: Leigh Ann Phillips, musician, sound healer: Eric Meyers, MA, Astrologer: Henrietta Lucy Atkin, musician, astrologer: Andrea Young, Owner, Bloom Yoga & Wellness:  Teresa Lisum, Essential Oils: Tina Stroh, Owner, Just Plain Yoga:

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