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My name is Jennifer Gehl, and I created Sound Works in 2004.   I help men and women transform self-defeating patterns into those of greater health and harmony through the use of sound. Sound is applied to the body’s meridian and energy system with tuning forks that are tuned to cosmic (planetary) frequencies.  Each of us has a cosmic imprint that, when activated by sound and applied to the body, helps to facilitate cellular memory in such a way that we begin to remember and embody our authentic nature.  This creates a body/mind/spirit harmony that sets the tone for our health and wellbeing, relationships, and professional settings.

1.  Do you find yourself gravitating to the same type of relationship and wonder why it falls apart?

2. When you look in the mirror, do you feel critical of yourself?

3. Are you tired of feeling worried, anxious, or stressful?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I can help you gain greater ease and harmony with yourself and in relationships.  Email soundworksbygehl@gmail.com or call 814.422.3177.

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Perhaps only two or three times a decade comes along real paradigm shift in the clinical sciences. The Science of Planetary Signatures in Medicine is truly one of those books. Gehl has lifted the tectonic plates in our field, and in detail ushered back in the ancient teachings of Tehuti and others in “As above, so below; as within, so without”. In so doing she has outlined another trajectory for the reunion of mind, body and spirit in the clinical sciences. Truly a magnificent contribution! ~Edward Bynum, Ph.D., Director of Behavioral Medicine and Biofeedback, UMass., author of DARK LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS.