Planetary Medicine comes from Ancient Alchemy

Ancient Alchemy is the root of modern chemistry and medicine. Ancient medicine prior to, and up to, the time of Hippocrates, was based on the proper management of life force energy, also known as Qi, Ki, and Kundalini.  Kundalini comes from the Hindu system and the study of yoga, but was known to ancients as the sleeping serpent.

To the ancients, the serpent was a symbol of healing because it referred to Kundalini life force energy, which was the key to longevity and good health.  Even today, the modern Caduceus is used to symbolize healing.  To the ancients, the rod and two serpents represented the spinal column and the solar and lunar energies moving up the spine to nourish the brain and pineal gland.  Planetary medicine was recognized as the connection between the microcosm (human life as well as plants, gemstones and animals) with the macrocosm (universe, cosmos).  Today, through the system of Acutonics and Harmonic Astrology, we can facilitate this connection to the cosmos, heal the body, accelerate Kundalini movement, and support a healthy state in the body (Right: Dover pictures, public domain).

The seven “original” planets correspond to psychological and physical function

Base Metal    Planet              Psychological Fx                                                   Endocrine Gland

Gold                Sun                  Soul, Divine Mind, Core Essence                          (Leydig)

Silver              Moon               Emotional baseline, hidden instincts                  (Pineal)

Copper           Venus              What we value and how we attract it                  (Thyroid)

Iron                 Mars                What we desire and how we pursue it                (Gonads)

Mercury          Mercury          Intellectual processing, communication             (Adrenals)

Lead                Saturn             Concentration of personal mastery                     (Thymus)

Tin                   Jupiter             Higher learning, religion, philosophy, travel       (Pituitary)

Tibetan bowls are made of the 7 planetary metals.

7 metals, 7 endocrine glands, 7 main chakras, all have correspondences to the 7 “original” planets. [Image Right: Dover pictures, public domain].