Sound Healing Attunements

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Are you ready to meet your Extraordinary Self?

You have a unique cosmic imprint illustrated by the snapshot of the heavens at the moment you were born. Analogous to a sheet of music, it can inspire greater harmony or create tension based on how well you are “in tune” with yourself. Jennifer specializes in identifying planetary cycles and relationships that are causing dissonance and stress. She applies planetary tones to the Extraordinary Meridians in such a way that aligns the individual with their “Extraordinary Self” – a process that also facilitates greater harmony in the collective.

Jennifer splits her time between Northampton, MA and Central Pennsylvania.  Please email for appointment times.

While Jennifer welcomes anyone who wants to experience a single session, she highly encourages packages, where meaningful growth can be given the space to develop, and patterns of disease are recalibrated to patterns of health and harmony. 

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Initial Consultation and Attunement – $125

The initial consultation involves harmonic analysis of the client’s natal chart plus a 30 page report that is sent via email.  The session includes harmonic blends based upon this analysis, initiating alignment with the “extraordinary” self. Allow1.5 hours

Follow-up Attunements – $95

Follow-up sessions build upon the initial consultation and attunement, allowing deeper transformation and alignment with the extraordinary vessels.

Package of 4 recalibrates all Eight Extraordinary Vessels – $350

For those who recognize the value in, and desire support for, remembering and living their fullest potential.  The ancient “vessel keepers”, known in Chinese Medicine as The Eight Extraordinary Vessels, are reservoirs of vast healing potential.  Two vessels are treated per session so that at the end of the series, all eight have been recalibrated to the client’s native signature.  This facilitates cellular memory of one’s authentic nature and activates the original blueprint for health and harmony.  

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 What a difference!  I had been suffering from chronic vertigo, and had been seeing a neurologist but they just weren’t able to help me.  I didn’t know what to do, and decided to try Acutonics with Jennifer.  Within three sessions, my vertigo subsided, among other minor nagging issues.  I am so grateful to have found her and this work.  I finally feel like myself again! ~MB, Atlanta, GA

Before I saw Jennifer for an Acutonics session, I was having a lot of anxiety for reasons I couldn’t even identify.  There was this plaguing inner restlessness I couldn’t shake.  After the first session I noticed that I was feeling more calm.   After the next session, I was repsonding to stressful situations more calmly than usual.  Now that I’ve had three sessions, I’m sleeping much better, feel calm throughout the week, and plan to continue for general tune-ups. ~JM, Altoona, PA

For at least ten years I have suffered from debilitating menstrual cramps that kept me from working.  I had tried everything short of surgery.  After four Acutonics treatments, I have experienced significant improvement and have been able to work during my menstrual cycles.  I am looking forward to further treatments, and have no dount that this is an answer to my prayers. SS, Asheville, NC

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