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The Astro-Sound Oracle is a way to tune in to general astrological cycles, listen to the corresponding frequencies, and awaken the oracle within.



Astro-Sound Recordings

Designed and customized for you, these recordings are digitally created and sent to you via email.  If you’re not sure what type of recording is right for you, book an Astro-Sound consultation.

Recording Options

Natal (life-long aspects)  $277  

Transits/Progressions/Solar Arc (one year). (Must have natal recording prior to this): $177

Planetary Return Charts:

Solar Return for self expression – one birthday to the next (one year): $177

Venus Return for relationships and money (one year): $177

Mars Return for ambition, career, launching goals (two years): $177

Astro-Sound Support Long Distance

Astrological influences are unfolding within us all the time.  Our intuition guides us in ways that reflect the movement in the heavens. Understanding this connection is the purpose of Astro-Sound. The consultation identifies which planets are most impactful.  Listening to their frequencies facilitates vibrational support to awaken inner wisdom and provide the clarity and confidence you need to move forward.  Most importantly, these session enable you to trust in the process that life is unfolding.  ~$85/hour


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