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FREE  Astro-Sound  Bites!  Have as many as you want…you won’t gain weight!  In fact, you may find yourself losing the weight of the world!


customized sound

Personalized Sound Recordings

These are a labor of love,  and typically take up to 2-3 weeks to complete. The recordings are digitally created and sent to you via email.

Recording Options

Natal (life-long aspects)  $277  

Transits/Progressions/Solar Arc (one year). (Must have natal recording prior to this): $177

Planetary Return Charts:

Solar Return for self expression – one birthday to the next (one year): $177

Venus Return for relationships and money (one year): $177

Mars Return for ambition, career, launching goals (two years): $177


Astro-Advice via Zoom or phone

Receive the guidance you need to move forward with clarity and confidence that life is supporting you. ~$85/hour


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