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SonicAstrosonics turns astrology into sound therapy by combining astrological wisdom with energy healing and planetary tones applied to the body and energy field via tuning forks.

Just as the Doctrine of Signatures applies to all living things in nature, the natal signature is the human equivalent of this divine imprint.

The astrology natal signature is geometry, and that geometry is “frozen music”, awaiting our conscious interaction to bring it to life with greater harmony.  It is up to us to make the choice to move toward greater life and expression, conducting ourselves like a master, or to be conducted as  a “student”.

Astrosonics may be delivered in three ways: auditory, long distance, or in person, all of which are deeply transformative and effective.

All sessions include the Astro-Zoom consultation, during which Jennifer provides astrological insights identifying the planetary energies asking for resolution, and subsequently applied in one of the following ways:


Customized planetary harmonics are created and delivered in a digital recording for clients to use in meditation.  Certain bundles include customized written healing intentions and affirmations.

Long Distance

The long distance sessions are delivered via Zoom, while the client is relaxing in a quiet, undisturbed setting. Based upon the insights discussed in the consultation, Jennifer applies customized Astrosonics to the mystical meridians (Eight Extraordinary Vessels – see explanation below), and chakras via high frequency tuning forks.

In Person

When in person, Astrosonics is applied directly to the acupuncture points on the body as well above the body to the chakras and energy field.

What can Astrosonics do for me?

Energy Regulation, Integration, and Expansion

Astrosonics is delivered to the body via the mystical meridians, known as the “Eight Extraordinary Vessels”. “Extraordinary” vessels are so named because they connect us to our divine origin – the masterpiece – calling forth those parts of the soul that have been forgotten, repressed, or ignored.

They regulate energy throughout the entire body (physical, emotional, and spiritual), facilitating “re-membrance”, integration, of the Self that is eternal. Each session resolves the current disharmony and creates greater expansion into the next level of your soul’s awakening.

Specific Benefits

The experience will be as unique as each of our paths require. Some will experience relief from physical pain. Others will gain clarity and feel a deep sense of peace. Some receive visions, see colors, or hear guidance. In nearly all cases, Astrosonics facilitates expansion of the extrasensory perceptions and gifts.  Here are some of the tangible results clients have experienced.

  • Reduces joint pain and inflammation
  • Improves mobility, flexibility
  • Diminishes night sweats, hot flashes
  • Improves sleep, may increase dream activity
  • Reduces anxiety, panic attacks
  • Deep serenity, groundedness, while expanding intuitive senses
  • Resolves digestive disorders
  • Clarity of direction
  • Seeing Auras and energy fields

I have begun working with the harmonic blends and love them in combination with the Healing Intentions.  The first time through I turned each intention into “I AM” statements and said them out loud while in a meditative and receptive state.  I particularly love some of them and feel the Pluto-Neptune Yod is very supportive of the home renovation for creating space for a baby grand piano (creative arts) and also moving our dining to an area where I can always see the creek (connecting with Divine through nature).  

Thank you again for your unique contributions and uplifting Spirit..Peace and joy to you! ~ K.S., Florida

Conscious Alchemy

As is the case with any energy work, healing is a process that requires conscious commitment on the part of the client to fully blossom into the next level of mastery.

Alchemy is the process of transforming a lesser, heavier metal into a higher, more flexible, yet resilient metal, i.e., turning lead into gold. Energetically, we are doing the same thing in every session, and utilizing the power of sound to complete the transformation.

Session length really depends upon individual needs, usually no more than one hour.

Planetary alchemy associates certain planets with a metal: Mars with iron, Venus with copper, Moon with silver, and Sun with gold. Iron activates, copper attracts, silver conducts, and gold integrates. Choose the bundle that suits your needs.


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