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Remember who You Are
“When you have been compelled by circumstances to be disturbed in any manner, quickly return to yourself, and do not continue out of tune longer than the compulsion lasts. You will have increasing control over your own harmony by continually returning to it.” ~Marcus Aurelius (ca. 161-180)

The recordings are a labor of love, and require time to complete. But I make every effort to speed up the turn around time once we’ve had a consultation. Typical delivery occurs between 10-14 days, and the recordings are sent electronically via email.

Phone or Internet Consultation (Skype, etc.) $30/30 min. During this consultation we will discuss astrological cycles that are impacting your current situation. You will come to understand the correlation between these cycles and physical, emotional, spiritual wellbeing. This consultation is included with your Natal Astro Sound purchase

Natal Astro Sound Recording – $150.00: A recording that lasts a lifetime because it is based upon your unique signature (sacred geometry) inherent in the natal chart. This signature is one you carry throughout your life, and is helping you evolve into greater maturity as it is activated by current cycles, such as the transits, progressions, and solar return. Listening to this recording attunes you with your inner wisdom and infinite nature. Includes chart and 30-page report.

Transit/Progressions Astro Sound – $100: This recording includes planetary frequencies for the current cycles of change affecting you and your natal signature, and remains in effect approximately one year depending on date of purchase. You must have your Natal Astro Sound first.

Solar Return (Birthday) Astro Sound – $100: The frequencies in this recording are based upon the Sun’s return to its natal position at the time of your birth. It represents the theme of the year from one birthday to the next, and gets you aligned with those energies so you can respond to life with greater ease, clarity, and purpose.

Combo: Three Astro Sound Recordings – $300: By purchasing all three, you receive a free consultation (see above), three recordings and 3 30-page reports. Your Natal Astro Sound will be a separate recording that you can listen to all your life – it is your signature. The second recording will include the Transits/Progressions Astro Sound that remain in effect for approximately one year. The third recording, coinciding the year from one birthday to the next is Solar Return Astro Sound.

Consultation and Recordings Available


Jennifer does such amazing work! I ordered a natal AstroSound recording from her and I absolutely love it! It sounds like coming home. I normally have terrible insomnia. Now, I play my recording before bed and I’m out in five minutes! Thanks for sharing your gift with the world, Jennifer! 💜💜~Nicholas G., New Castle, CO

During Astro-Sound…I had one of my most visual journeying sessions. I’ve done countless guided meditations and shamanic journeys with great success but this particular session gave me more of a higher realm experience…I first started to feel a gentle pressure over my third-eye. I was lying back, surrounded by my guides. Then one by one, my ancestor spirits joined and I began to feel lifted in the air. I was first surrounded by golden light and then the hands that were held out toward me, sending me healing, started to multiply until the sky, above and below me was filled with hands from the higher realms. Thousands of hands sending me energy. I felt as if I were filling with light. I felt it shining strongly out through my eyes. I was sure that if I were to look into a mirror, my dark brown eyes would have appeared to be blue or bright green. Then I felt a bright, white star of energy forming over and from within my third eye. I pictured my body being so cellularly open that I was no longer solid. Then, my cells opened up at the smallest level, being infused with white sparkling light. I could see my atoms swirling with this intensity. As the session came to an end, I felt the guides sealing the healing light into my cells with a protective barrier. I came back into the room and felt a great peace. I feel as if now I can call upon the gift of this light whenever I need it. ~Stacy S., State College, PA

I can’t explain the science and/or magic behind Jennifer’s work, but the impact on my body was very real. The deliberately prepared sounds first moved my body in unexpected ways followed by a clearing of old junk even days later. This is profound work. ~Dana J., Huntingdon, PA

Dear Jennifer, I have had a rather profound morning, there are deeper shifts happening…and then I…listened to the Transits you sent me.  Well…wow.  What can I say…I felt that wing sensation, fluttering in my back-body, and I felt like I was stepping out of linear Time…trying to understand what it means to be a Light Worker…to open my heart to receiving the messages…anyway, I am extremely grateful to you…there are very, very few people at this moment that I could say that to without feeling…judged.  Feeling a great sense of peace in this moment, and looking very much forward…to whatever lies ahead.  Blessings… ~ Rachel C., Northampton, MA

I love my recording! I find listening to it very comforting. The physical sensations I’ve eperienced whilst listening include my mind and thoughts feeling like they are being focused. I can definitely feel my second and third chakras vibrating and activating, along with my heart chakra. When I’m going through my day I’ve felt a tingling sensation on my head, as if information wants to come in. I’ve also had some old memories and emotions come up for processing, but I feel calmer overall.~ Kylie A., Australia

When I first listened to my harmonic astrology recording, I didn’t know what to expect. Upon first listen, the sounds were mysterious and ethereal, but as I continued to listen something amazing happened. It was as though I was hearing myself and my “inner space” for the first time. I could feel the different tones going to different parts of the body. It’s hard to put into words…I got goosebumps and this overall sense of euphoria. Absolutely amazing! ~Angie Y, Altoona, PA

Working with Jennifer has been a unique experience for me. It came at a time when I felt very “out of sync” as I was going through a divorce and a lot of transitions. I listened sporadically to the harmonics. I can’t quantify how they work, but I felt that they went far beyond my conscious mind. I also trust Jennifer and her integrity. I just let the sound flow over me and through me. I felt like a human instrument that experienced a good tune-up. ~Tina S, Harrisburg, PA

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