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Four Element Frequencies

Four Element Frequencies

Earth Signs

Earth signs
Three Earth Signs

Excerpt from The Science of Planetary Signatures in Medicine:

Earth…[is] characterized by downward motion, with plants growing roots deep into the earth…From our perspective, Earth is unchanging and immoveable. It may be moving along in space with the entire solar system, but from where we stand—literally—it is stable. In its extreme, the earth temperament is adversarial to change, believing only in the tangible world of the five senses. It has difficulty finding value in emotional or spiritual connections because they are intangible. The key word for earth is pragmatism.




The Earth Element is slow to change and, in fact, from our perspective feels as if it doesn’t move at all.   Plants grow deep and take root, rely on the daily routine of sunrise and sunset to survive. Earth provides stability, a place to make a home and take a stand, get one’s bearings, and create something solid and tangible.   The earth element represents the physical body.  For something to be trusted by “earth” it must be experienced through the five senses: PHYSICAL

Planetary Blend: Venus (Taurus), Chiron (Virgo), Saturn (Capricorn)

Water Signs

Water Signs
Three Water Signs

Excerpt from The Science of Planetary Signatures in Medicine:

Water…sinks into its environment.  It is impossible to distinguish one drop of water from the rest of the ocean, lake, or river.  So for people with a water temperament, it is extremely difficult to separate from the environment in which they find themselves…it is always about emotional response…evoking a very intangible but deeply felt connection. The extreme of the water temperament…expresses itself as an inability to extricate itself from unwanted attachments and unable to let go. The positive side…is experienced as safety, security, and stability…through empathy, connection, and compassion.




The Water Element has a downward movement, seeping into the cracks and crevices.  It takes on the shape of its environment or “container”.  It dissolves, disorients, destabilizes (no ground to place one’s feet), forms bonds, adheres to everything around it, holds vast and deep emotions. Water represents at least 70% of the human body, and we cannot survive without it.   For something to be trusted by “water” it must be felt deeply and instinctually: EMOTIONS

Planetary Blend: Moon (Cancer), Pluto (Scorpio), Neptune (Pisces)

Fire Signs

Fire Signs
Three Fire Signs

Excerpt from The Science of Planetary Signatures in Medicine:

Fire in the extreme consumes anything in its path quickly; it is noisy, explosive, and hard to control (impulsive)…yang expressions are upward moving and active. On the positive, more enlightened, and evolved side…fire radiates light and warmth…

Aries – Cardinal Fire

Leo – Fixed Fire

Sagittarius – Mutable Fire

The Fire Element moves quickly, catalyzes, animates, inspires, initiates, acts impulsively, ignites, grabs attention, consumes, and transforms substances.  In the body, fire is required for proper digestion and adequate energy.  For something to be trusted by “fire” it must be ignited with inspiration: SPIRIT

Planetary Blend: Mars (Aries), Sun (Leo), Jupiter (Sagittarius)

Air Signs

Three Air Signs

Excerpt from The Science of Planetary Signatures in Medicine:

Air is impossible to pin down. It has no roots and prefers to keep circulating, often rearranging the environment in which we find it…[air is] upward moving and active…[it] inspires the freedom to move and to stay lighthearted rather than become bogged down (yin characteristic).




The Air Element moves in an upward spiral, rearranging its environment.  It can be a breath of fresh air, lightening the mood, or it can completely disrupt the environment like a hurricane. Air is socially oriented, untethered, intellectually curious, witty, and always on the move,  For something to be trusted by “air” it must be known, understood, or processed by the mind: INTELLECT

Planetary Blend: Mercury (Gemini), Venus (Libra), Uranus (Aquarius)