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Astrology Readings Provide Clarity

Are you worried, stressed, or can’t make sense of life?  Perhaps it’s time to listen to the Universe!  Astrology can illuminate your life and purpose!Who are you really?  What is your true purpose in life?  Why have you suffered from chronic conditions or stubborn patterns?

When you are living in harmony with who you really are, you establish peace in your world. 


For new and returning clients who just want a quick look at what’s going on right now.

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OPTION 2: Natal Reading

For new clients who want an in-depth reading covering their soul’s true purpose and destiny.

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OPTION 3: What’s On the Horizon?

For those who’ve already had a natal reading, and who want to know about TRANSITS, PROGRESSIONS, and/or RETURNS creating change in their lives.

We can’t control planetary cycles, but our free will determines how we respond to them. 

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OPTION 4: Harmonic Integration of Astrology

Sometimes it’s not enough to know who we are and what planetary cycles are unfolding.  We may need extra help to harmonize these influences within our being to feel truly peaceful in body/mind/spirit. 

Astrosonics can help you navigate change with ease by applying the sound frequencies that help you harmonize your personal astrology with cosmic cycles.

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