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Astrosonics combines astrology with Acutonics®, turning astrology into sound healing that harmonizes the frequency of your body/mind/soul with the current cycles of the universe.

The natal signature is the human equivalent of the Doctrine of Signatures, which imbues all life with a divine healing imprint.

The astrology natal signature is geometry, and that geometry is “frozen music”, awaiting our conscious interaction to bring it to life with greater harmony.  It is up to us to make the choice to move toward greater life and expression, conducting our own consciousness (frequency) with mastery, or being directed as a student.

Balance is the key to health, harmony, and happiness.  Knowing when to learn and when to lead is all part of the journey as we move into greater mastery.

AstrosonicsAstrosonics may be delivered in three ways: auditory, long distance, or in person, all of which are deeply transformative and effective.  To request an in person session email with “Astrosonics” in the subject bar.

All sessions include a consultation, during which Jennifer provides astrological insights identifying the planetary energies asking for resolution, and subsequently applied in one of the following ways:


Customized planetary harmonics are created and delivered in a digital recording for clients to use in meditation.

I have begun working with the harmonic blends and love them in combination with the Healing Intentions.  The first time through I turned each intention into “I AM” statements and said them out loud while in a meditative and receptive state.  I particularly love some of them and feel the Pluto-Neptune Yod is very supportive of the home renovation for creating space for a baby grand piano (creative arts) and also moving our dining to an area where I can always see the creek (connecting with Divine through nature). 

Thank you again for your unique contributions and uplifting Spirit..Peace and joy to you! ~ K.S., Florida

Long Distance

The long distance sessions are provided via Zoom or conference call, both of which are recorded.  Once the astrological consultation is completed, the client relaxes in a quiet, undisturbed setting for the sound healing. Based upon the insights discussed in the consultation, Jennifer applies the appropriate planetary tuning fork frequencies to the mystical meridians (Eight Extraordinary Vessels – see explanation below), and chakras via high frequency tuning forks.

As you applied sound to the first channel, I could feel the vibration move from my feet, and then as it traveled up through my body, I saw my healing guides come in to assist.  As the energy continued to move up through my chest and head, I physically felt the sensation of a “pop” in my head.  It brought up a past life memory of being keelhauled as I sensed/saw a large ship anchor being pulled up by a very heavy metal chain, now being lifted out of my energy field. 

As you applied the tones to my second channel, I saw a Native American enter while I felt my midline core become concentrated and “taught”.  But then as you played the next frequency, the energy was just swept out of my heart area and away from my body.   The sensation I got was that a lot of work was going on between my heart and throat.  Things were decoupling and reorganizing. 

As you continued, the energy moved from the front of my heart out through the back of my right shoulder blade, where I’ve been having issues.  As you continued to play Sedna and Jupiter, my grandmother, whom I have rarely sensed since she passed away, came in with a message.  I felt my heart “crack open” and my grandmother said “look up” and I saw a translucent ladder leading up into the heavens.  It’s as if she was saying “even though you may not always see where you’re going, your path is an upward journey.”

The process that you brought me through was incredibly powerful, and I felt so incredibly comfortable with you.  Thank you so much! ~ Mary Christine S., New York

In Person

When in person, Astrosonics is applied directly to the acupuncture points on the body as well above the body to the chakras and energy field.

When the session began, I felt an activation in my spine moving up through the crown chakra, opening up the energy.  Then I saw an energetic muzzle around my jaw and throat begin to disintegrate.  Next I saw my pelvic area change from dark and “dusty” to being filled with light.  At one point during the session, I remember seeing myself under what felt like a death shroud (translucent cloth) that held within it the promise of rebirth. 

As Jennifer began to activate the second channel, my ancestors came through and said “This is for YOU, receive it and take it in, no matter what anyone else in your family decides to do.”  I felt my heart center opening, becoming lighter and lighter.  As she applied the tuning forks down my spine, I could feel areas of pain that dissipated by the third pass, and also pain in my right arm that went away as she worked in that area.

Jennifer, best to you, and thank you for this transformational healing session with you! ~ M.H., Boston, MA

What can Astrosonics do for me?

Energy Regulation, Integration, and Expansion

Astrosonics is delivered to the body via the mystical meridians, known as the “Eight Extraordinary Vessels”. “Extraordinary” vessels are so named because they connect us to our divine origin – the masterpiece – calling forth those parts of the soul that have been forgotten, repressed, or ignored.

They regulate energy throughout the entire body (physical, emotional, and spiritual), facilitating “re-membrance”, integration, of the Self that is eternal. Each session resolves the current disharmony and creates greater expansion into the next level of your soul’s awakening.

Specific Benefits

The experience will be as unique as each of our paths require. Some will experience relief from physical pain. Others will gain clarity and feel a deep sense of peace. Some receive visions, see colors, or hear guidance. In nearly all cases, Astrosonics facilitates expansion of the extrasensory perceptions and gifts.  Here are some of the tangible results clients have experienced.

  • Reduces joint pain and inflammation
  • Improves mobility, flexibility
  • Diminishes night sweats, hot flashes
  • Improves sleep, may increase dream activity
  • Reduces anxiety, panic attacks
  • Deep serenity, groundedness, while expanding intuitive senses
  • Resolves digestive disorders
  • Clarity of direction
  • Seeing Auras and energy fields


Jennifer thank you for the beautiful healing session, starting with your heartfelt prayer and calling in the angels, creating a safe space, to the sacred healing sounds of the Tibetan bowls and the amazing feeling of total relaxation as you balanced my energy from head to toes with your tuning forks.  Today I woke with no headache and feeing so relaxed and grounded in my body! I feel so grateful to you for providing the most needed healing work for the issues people are facing today. Wow Jennifer you truly are a gem! Thank you so much you are an 😇 on the 🌎 ! ~ Suzanne P., Pennsylvania


Session length really depends upon individual needs, usually no more than one hour.

Still have questions? Contact with “Astrosonics” in subject line.

Listen to my conversation with the amazing Pam Gregory about planet Sedna!



  1. karen eddings
    January 30, 2022 @ 4:24 pm

    Do you teach this> i am a wellness astrologer and this looks awesome. which book is it in and how do i go about learning this?


    • Jennifer Gehl
      January 30, 2023 @ 9:16 am

      Hi Karen, again my apologies for just now responding to your message! I will have to look into the reason for not seeing comments until now. In any case, I will follow-up with you via. I hope you’re having a wonderful 2023 so far. Blessings, Jennifer


  2. Sergan yousuf
    March 5, 2022 @ 4:15 am

    Dear Jennifer.

    This may interest you.

    Esoteric Acupuncture by Mikio Sankey PhD, Volume 1 & 4 in particular.

    How The Moon Affects You by Arnold l Lieberman MD.

    Solar Revolution by Dieter Broers PhD.

    Astrology the Evidence of Science by Percy Seymour PhD.

    Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber MD
    I think that you may know about this book.

    Esoteric Astrology by Dr Douglas M Baker MD 1998 edition.

    Dr Baker introduced me to esoteric astrology in the year 2000, I have been interested ever since that time.

    My spirit activation started in 1998
    When I experienced an out of body experience with a being of golden light.

    Astrologer Peter Sedgwick talks about the 3 Fixed Points in astrology.

    They are often overlooked, however they are extremely important.

    The Galactic Centre
    27 Degrees Sagittarius.

    Supergalactic center
    1 degree Libra

    Great Attractor
    14 degrees Sagittarius.

    Any planet conjunct the above is highly significant.

    Professor Bruce Greyson MD has been researching Near Death Experiences at Virginia University.

    I recently informed him that Acupuncture needles inserted into specific acupuncture points on the human body can induce an out of body experience, which is what researchers are trying to impericly proov to the medical establishment.

    I find the link with astrology and acupuncture in particular very fascinating indeed.

    Each acupuncture point will inevitably come under astrological symbolism.

    And the 12 Meridians along with the 12 astrological signs..

    I have
    Sun in Virgo
    Moon in Scorpio
    Capricorn ASC
    Mars conjunct Galactic Centre.

    Best wishes
    Sergan Yousuf UK London


    • Jennifer Gehl
      March 7, 2022 @ 11:46 am

      Thank you Sergan! As you can tell, I share the belief that there is a profound link between astrology and the acupuncture points and meridian system. I actually am familiar with, and reference in my own books, some of the authors you’ve mentioned: Mikio Sankey, Percy Seymour, Richard Gerber, and Philip Sedgwick. Thank you for your interesting input, and for sharing the incredible activation/initiation you experienced!!


    • Jennifer Gehl
      January 30, 2023 @ 9:09 am

      Dear Sergan, my sincere apologies. I do not understand why I am just now seeing this comment. There are others from 2022 that I never saw, and so never replied to until now. I want you to know that I truly appreciate the information you included, and will check it out, as well as your support of my work. I hope you get this message!! Blessings for a Happy 2023! 🙏


  3. Sergan yousuf
    March 5, 2022 @ 4:47 am

    Dear Jennifer.

    My 1998 Out Of Body Experience.

    Short version.

    While under hypnotherapy something quite extraordinary and unexpected happened to me.

    A being of golden light put me through an initiation ceremoney, it gave me a silver chalice and poured a red liquid into it, I drink from the chalice and poured the remaining liquid over my head when I felt my whole body being cleansed beyond belief.

    It then showed me a black box and inside is a icosahedron jem stone flashing rainbow 🌈 colours, then a small quartz crystal came to my forehead and then came to rest on top of my head when a violet and purple ray of light came out of the crystal lifting me up high above planet earth where I see a beautiful rainbow 🌈.

    The whole experience was in high definition crystal clear clarity and all my physical movements were guided telepathically by the being of golden light.

    For a whole week after this experience I had what can only be described as a vortex of electromagnetic fluid spiralling out of my forehead.

    Best wishes sergan yousuf UK London.


  4. Sergan yousuf
    March 5, 2022 @ 12:27 pm

    Error correction.

    Philip Sedgwick Astrologer.



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