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Client Testimonials

client endorsements

client endorsementsClient Testimonials

Dear Jennifer, 
I would like to thank you so much for your healing Energy work! 
I first came into contact with your messages through watching Pam Gregory’s interview with you about Sedna. I have been listening to your High Vibe Astrology videos since. I absolutely love your Affirmations and Harmonies sounds during your videos. I believe that sound is a miraculous force. 
I have decided to start my day mediating with your Leo New Moon August 2023 Harmonies everyday since. My Sun was exact the new moon this year and I would like to resonate with my Solar Year Energies. 
I feel myself expanding and this morning felt an urge to look at Sedna’s discovery chart. I was excited to see that my natal Ascendant is EXACT to the second with Sedna’s Jupiter at Virgo 15*06
What an message ❣️
There are many connections to my natal chart but this one to me is profound. 
I would like to thank you for all that you do! 
Blessings 😇🙏💕~ Christina from Hungary

Wow! What a gift to receive this recording from you today. Thank you, thank you, thank you, a g’billion times thank you!  Every single word you said completely resonated with me.  You brought me to tears a couple of times because I felt so seen through my chart, and through your beautiful way of expressing what comes to you as you’re perusing the chart.   Your voice alone is like a walking meditation. 

It was an exquisite combination…so what a happy surprise!  I feel like your intuition to what I need with the gifts you have to offer is what will determine what kind of session I have.  When you went to the Saturn square Venus and talked about healing that with frequency I felt that to my core, and that was one of the points that brought me to tears, because it was almost like this is what my soul has been looking for my entire life that I haven’t been able to get at completely. I cannot wait till our session! Soleah D., Massachusetts

Jennifer thank YOU for the beautiful healing session starting with your heartfelt prayer and calling in the angels, creating a safe space, to the sacred and healing sounds of the Tibetan bowls and the amazing feeling of total relaxation as you balanced my energy from head to toes with your tuning forks. 

Then before closing the session pulling the perfect Sacred Rebels card with the guidance that I needed to hear. 

Today I woke with no headache and feeling so relaxed and grounded in my body! I feel so grateful to you for providing the most needed healing work for the issues people are facing today.   

Wow Jennifer you truly are a gem! Thank you so much you are an 👼  on the 🌏 !  Hope you are having a great day. 

Much 💙 ~Suzanne P., Pennsylvania

I had a beautiful reading with Jen right after my birthday. Weeks before I was experiencing horrible anxiety as there were a lot of stressors at that time. Once Jen read my chart and explained in detail what was happening it made perfect sense. We also touched on bringing more joyful things back into my life-to embrace my inner child and try journaling as a tool I can use as an outlet for my thoughts.

We finished with Astrosonics, and the experience was such a positive one. I could feel energy moving from my feet to my heart center. I became emotional- not what I expected at all. It reaffirmed my belief in energy work and it was a beautiful combination of the astrology reading along with the Astrosonics. It made me feel so peaceful. ~Kim D., Pennsylvania

Highly recommend! I was having trouble with my hip and I had a session with Jennifer and it was an extraordinary experience.  As she was performing the sound therapy I could feel the pain in my hip changing and dissolving.  I was quite happily surprised with how well this therapy worked, as I had tried many different things to no avail. 

Jennifer is a compassionate, talented healer who is very intuitve and her use of Astrosonics, combining astrology and Acutonics is a powerful mix that helps to uncover the root of the issue.  I highly recommend Jennifer’s healing techniques to anyone.  You will not be disappointed! ~Megan H., Pennsylvania

As you applied sound to the first channel, I could feel the vibration move from my feet, and then as it traveled up through my body, I saw my healing guides come in to assist.  As the energy continued to move up through my chest and head, I physically felt the sensation of a “pop” in my head.  It brought up a past life memory of being keelhauled as I sensed/saw a large ship anchor being pulled up by a very heavy metal chain, now being lifted out of my energy field.  

As you applied the tones to my second channel, I saw a Native American enter while I felt my midline core become concentrated and “taught”.  But then as you played the next frequency, the energy was just swept out of my heart area and away from my body.   The sensation I’m getting is that there’s a lot of work going on between my heart and throat.  Things are decoupling and reorganizing.  

As you continued, the energy moved from the front of my heart out through the back of my right shoulder blade, where I’ve been having issues.  As you continue to play Sedna and Jupiter, my grandmother, whom I have rarely sense since she passed away, came in with a message.  I felt my heart “crack open” and my grandmother said “look up” and I saw a translucent ladder leading up into the heavens.  It’s as if she was saying “even though you may not always see where you’re going, your path is an upward journey.”

This process that you brought me through was incredibly powerful, and I felt so incredibly comfortable with you.  Thank you so much!  ~Mary Christine S., New York

When the session began, I felt an activation in my spine moving up through the crown chakra, opening up the energy.Then I saw an energetic muzzle around my jaw and throat begin to disintegrate.Next I saw my pelvic area change from dark and “dusty” to being filled with light.At one point during the session, I remember seeing myself under what felt like a death shroud (translucent cloth) that held within it the promise of rebirth. 

As Jennifer began to activate the second channel, my ancestors came through and said “This is for YOU, receive it and take it in, no matter what anyone else in your family decides to do.”I felt my heart center opening, becoming lighter and lighter.As she applied the tuning forks down my spine, I could feel areas of pain that dissipated by the third pass, and also pain in my right arm that went away as she worked in that area.

Jennifer, best to you, and thank you for this transformational healing session with you! ~ M.H., Boston, MA

I have begun working with the harmonic blends and love them in combination with the Healing Intentions.  The first time through I turned each intention into “I AM” statements and said them out loud while in a meditative and receptive state. 

I particularly love some of them and feel the Pluto-Neptune Yod is very supportive of the home renovation for creating space for a baby grand piano (creative arts) and also moving our dining to an area where I can always see the creek (connecting with Divine through nature). 

Thank you again for your unique contributions and uplifting Spirit..Peace and joy to you! ~ K.S., Florida

Firstly, I want to let you know that of all the litmus tests for my healing ankle, walking barefoot on the beach is the supreme. And in Florida I walked quite farther than I have been able to in years with no soreness! Really happy for that. We’ll do more sessions in the future to further that process toward 100% absolutely healed! Love and Blessings 🥀 ~George N., Massachusetts

It was so wonderful to meet you on Sunday. Thank you so much for offering these Sunday meetings – it is a wonderful gift,  especially now. I am still feeling the reverberations and have so much curiosity about the planetary tuning sessions. Very soon I would love to have a session. All my best, Emma R., San Anselmo, CA 🤭🙏🏻.