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As is the case with all energy work, the level of healing that results requires conscious commitment on the part of both facilitator and recipient.  It’s a process similar to alchemy, turning lower, heavier energies into higher, lighter ones.

Planetary alchemy associates certain planets with a metal:

Mars with iron, Venus with copper, Moon with silver, Sun with gold. 

Iron activates, Copper attracts, Silver conducts, and Gold Integrates.

Choose the one that feels right for you.  If you can’t decide, we can determine together what is most helpful to you based upon the astrology and your personal alchemy.

With the exception of the Intro, all Astrosonics bundles include a consultation, healing attunement delivered via the Extraordinary Meridians, and an audio recording with frequencies and customized affirmations. 

You may book online by clicking the desired bundle below.  All services are billed through PayPal and are due upon receipt.

Refer a paying client and receive a $50 discount on your next bundle…be sure to tell your friend or family member to mention your name as the person who referred them to me!

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IntroductionClick to Book the Intro Bundle ~ Newcomers to Astrosonics~$170

Natal chart and 30-page report, Consultation, Astrosonics Natal attunement, plus audio recording.




MarsClick to Book the Iron Bundle~ Activate Your Life Path and Purpose ~ $275

Addresses issues around vitality and the activation of energy to ignite desired change.





VenusClick to Book the Copper Bundle ~ Attract Resources and Relationships. ~$275

Addresses issues regarding self-worth, self-perception, and the ability to attract desired resources and people.





MoonClick here to Book the Silver Bundle~ Conduct your life with greater ease.  ~$275

Addresses emotional security, home, family, and intergenerational patterns requiring healing.





SunClick to Book the Gold Bundle ~ Integrate Soul Growth ~$275

Addresses healthy ego integration so the Self can express with greater mastery.




Click to Book the Advanced to Activate & Integrate ~ For those who identify as an advanced soul, devoted to a specific mission and purpose. ~$555

This bundles includes four sessions that activate the 8 EV, facilitating growth from one cycle to the next level of mastery.