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As is the case with all energy work, the level of healing that results requires conscious commitment on the part of both facilitator and recipient.  It’s a process similar to alchemy, turning lower, heavier energies into lighter, higher ones.

All Astrosonics services include a consultation and sound healing attunement delivered via the Extraordinary Meridians.

Depending on long distance connection, most sessions are recorded for you.  In person sessions may be recorded upon client request.

Refer a paying client and receive a $25 discount on your next purchase…be sure to tell your friend or family member to mention your name as the person who referred them to me!

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IntroductionAstrosonics Individual Session ~ For Newcomers as well as those seeking a tune-up ~ Purchase here $150

Astrology consultation, addressing most immediate concerns, plus an Astrosonics sound healing activation.


Activate & Integrate Bundle ~ For those who truly wish to experience complete transformation of a situation, and awaken their mission and purpose. ~Purchase here $500 ($100 SAVINGS)

This bundle includes four sessions that activate the 8 EV, facilitating growth from one cycle to the next level of mastery.