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Astrosonics Harmonic Integration of Astrology

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As is the case with all energy work, the level of healing that results depends upon conscious commitment on the part of both facilitator and recipient.  It’s a process similar to alchemy, turning lower, heavier energies into lighter, higher ones.

All Astrosonics services include a consultation and harmonic integration of astrology delivered via the Extraordinary Meridians.

Long distance sessions are recorded for you.  In person sessions may be recorded upon client request.

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Astrosonics Sessions Menu

Schedule Astrosonics Initial Session ~ For those new to Astrology and/or Astrosonics 

Astrology consultation, addressing most immediate concerns, plus an Astrosonics harmonic integration of astrology. This session is 1.5 hours. Purchase here $150


Schedule Astrosonics Follow-up Session ~ One hour follow-up session including astrology check-in and harmonic integration.  ~Purchase here $100