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The Eight Extraordinary

Eight Extraordinary

ExtraordinaryThe Eight Extraordinary Vessels (8 EV) are mystical reservoirs of potential that connect us to our original (prenatal) source energy, and to the Infinite Way of Creator.

The twelve ordinary meridians regulate the flow of energy under normal conditions, when everything is operating within homeostasis.

When an individual lives with stress and unhealthy patterns for an extended period of time, however, “extraordinary” measures are required to regulate and harmonize the energies among and between the twelve ordinary channels.

The Extraordinary Eight

The number “8” signifies “as above, so below”, and the infinite flow of energy that never dies, yet transforms into a new expression.  It describes the nature of healing as we are pulling the dark “below” into the light of the “above”.

This is very similar to the sign of Scorpio, eighth sign in the zodiac, and the domain it governs, the eighth house.  The end of something heralds the beginning of something new, while the beginning of something means the end of a previous cycle.

The loop of the “8” is also analogous to the double helix within human DNA.  The 8 EV are structured much like a musical scale, and we can understand the function of the EV as a metaphor similar to the musical scale: “do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do”.

The Chong Mai holds undifferentiated source energy, which branches off into the Sea of Yin and the Sea of Yang (Ren and Du).  The linking vessels govern the inner (yin) channels and outer (yang) connection, while the motility vessels govern the movement of yin and yang. Finally, the Dai Mai integrates, regulates, and harmonizes the flow among and between all of the channels.

Reference: Yvonne Farrell (2016), Psycho-Emotional Pain and the Eight Extraordinary Vessels, Singing Dragon.

Chong Mai (Sea of Blood and Qi, Penetrating Vessel)  – Foundational, contains within it all the resources for life, pure potentiality, and our original source energy. “Do”

Ren Mai (Sea of Yin, Conception Vessel)  – Responsible for metabolism of fluids, yin energy, and our ability to bond.  “Re”

Du Mai (Sea of Yang, Governing Vessel) – Responsible for individuation, “growing a spine”, and asserting independence. “Mi”

Yin Wei Mai (Yin Linking, Connecting Yin) –  Links all yin channels and nourishes the interior body, supports self acceptance and self-worth. “Fa”

Yang Wei Mai (Yang Linking, Connecting Yang) – Links all yang channels, draws upon yang energy to take action, governs exterior of the body. “So”

Yin Qiao Mai (Yin Motility) – Responsible for distributing yin energy, blood and fluids, to the interior of the body, facilitates illumination, self-awareness, perception, and consciousness. “La”

Yang Qiao Mai (Yang Motility) – Responsible for distributing yang energy to the musculoskeletal system and head for greater ease, more mobility, and confidence regarding our stance in the world. “Ti”

Dai Mai (Sea of Ming Men “life gate”, Girdle Vessel) – Responsible for integrating, regulating, and harmonizing the flow and function of all the vessels. “Do” 

When we engage in the process of healing, we are giving ourselves permission to take our lives to the next level of our soul’s awakening into mastery.  The 8 EV are powerful channels that take us through this process of alchemy.

When combined with the planetary tuning forks customized to your personal energy signature, you are on your way to navigating change with ease, grace, and harmony.

Infinite potential awaits your permission to be embodied by you, and expressed through your life.