Seven Similarities between Pluto and Sedna: Healing the Shadow ~ Ascending with Grace

As we embark on what promises to be a very eventful year, it seems relevant to share the information I’ve been receiving from Spirit regarding Pluto and Sedna, their correspondence to each other and to the sign of Scorpio.

Despite the 73-year difference between each planet’s discovery, Pluto in 1933, and Sedna in 2003, they share remarkable similarities, providing insight into healing humanity’s collective shadow.

Seven Similarities between Pluto and Sedna

  1. Leo Rising
  2. Taurus North Node (NN) in the 10th; Scorpio South Node (SN) in the 4th
  3. A luminary (Sun/Moon) conjunct the Scorpio SN
  4. Chiron opposing the Moon
  5. Pisces’ Ruler (Jupiter/Neptune) in Virgo in the 2nd house
  6. Saturn in or opposing the 6th house
  7. Sedna on the Midheaven

Pluto Sedna


Fear is the only thing that’s really afraid to die.  Make fear face it’s own worst nightmare, while you carry on with grace.

In this video series I go through each one of the above aspects offering an astrological interpretation for the low and high vibration (shadow and resolution) of each one.  Because Scorpio is the only sign in the Zodiac with three symbols: scorpion, phoenix, and eagle, I assign Mars to the scorpion, Pluto to the phoenix, and Sedna to the eagle.

Because Scorpio is the sign that governs death and rebirth, the 8th house of occult mysteries, as well as hidden wealth, Pluto and Sedna correspond easily with these themes, and also speak to Earth’s “baptism” by fire and water.  Pluto’s energy transforms the ego with its alchemical fire, while Sedna’s energy dissolves it over time.

It is the ego, or lower self, that must experience being “born again” if we, as humans, are to ascend to mastery as stewards of, and on, this planet.  Each one of our natal charts holds valuable information regarding our own journey towards personal mastery.

To be born again means to not make the same mistakes again. ~ Manly P. Hall

The discovery charts of Pluto and Sedna tell the story of humanity’s journey, throughout he Age of Pisces certainly, and what we need to resolve if we are to evolve and live in harmony with this living Earth.

As each one of us does our own shadow work, we are doing our part to heal the collective shadow.  I hope you will join me in this video series and discover the profound revelations they speak to us.

Wishing everyone blessings for a peaceful and prosperous 2024 and beyond,


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