Nov 13 Scorpio New Moon on the Anniversary of Sedna’s Discovery

Scorpio New MoonThe November 13 ’23 Scorpio New Moon begins a powerful new cycle with the Sun, Moon, and Mars conjunct in Scorpio forming a close opposition to Uranus, the planet of sudden, surprising upheavals, and changes in fortune.

Interestingly, this new moon happens to fall on the anniversary of Sedna’s discovery on Nov. 13, 2003, and is activating powerful energies in that chart (more on this below).

In scorpio’s lowest vibration as the “scorpion”, the energy can be cruel, vengeful, sadistic, and downright criminal.

When power and the need to control are consciously surrendered for the sake of higher consciousness, we rise like the “phoenix”, the second symbol associated with Scorpio.  The third symbol, however, rarely mentioned, is the “eagle”.

In moving from the phoenix to the eagle, the maturation process involves relinquishing struggle and suffering associated with extreme ups and downs, “deaths and rebirths”.  This is the only way to find lasting peace, the ability to remain calm and centered in the deep knowing of our true, authentic nature as human souls in the physical world.

With the tight opposition from Uranus to this new moon, there will undoubtedly be sharp turns with the wheel of fate that manifests, quite literally, “the truth that sets us free” so that we can soar like the eagle.

Tetramorph: Four Living Creatures

The eagle is one of the four living creatures or “guardians of heaven” represented by the ancient tetramorph with fixed signs: leo (lion), taurus (bull), scorpio (eagle), and aquarius (man). 

The significance of the eagle in the scorpio maturation process is the ability to transcend duality, emotional volatility, and extreme opposition.

When it comes to the planetary rulers assigned to this zodiac sign, Mars is the ancient ruler, and Pluto the modern ruler.

Because scorpio is the only sign in the zodiac with three symbols, it seems logical that it should also have three rulers.  I personally assign Sedna as the third ruler associated with the eagle and the spirit of transcendence.

Listen to this video for a more detailed analysis of today’s Scorpio New Moon

November 13 ~ Anniversary of Sedna’s Discovery

This Scorpio New Moon falls on the anniversary of Sedna’s discovery in 2003.  In this discovery chart it just so happens that the four fixed signs of the tetramorph also occupy the angles: ASC, DSC, IC, MC.

With Leo on the Ascendant (ASC) in Sedna’s chart, the lens through which Sedna encourages us to view life is as the innocent, playful, creative child.

Aquarius on the Descendent (DSC) requires freedom and independence within the sector of partnership, others, and/or the spouse.  With this comes the feeling “don’t fence me in” when it comes to interacting with potential partners.

In the case of Sedna’s mission upon returning to our solar system, I also perceive Aquarius on the DES symbolizing a significant partnership with humanity and our star brothers and sisters, both of which are represented by Aquarius.

Scorpio on the Imum Coeli  (IC) signifies deep emotional trauma, transformation, volatility and/or violence in the realm of home and family, and that of the caregiver parent, which certainly describes Sedna’s legendary drowning at the hands of her father.

Last but not least, we have Taurus on the Medium Coeli (MC), which also happens to be the sign Sedna occupied at the time of her discovery.  Taurus, the bull, symbolizes peace, prosperity, harmony, and creating stability for the planet, and these energies are being activated significantly by this Scorpio New Moon.

Scorpio New Moon Activation of Sedna’s Energy

Transits to Sedna's ChartThe Scorpio New Moon at 20 degrees forms a tight conjunction/opposition with Sedna’s North and South Nodes, both at 20 in the signs Taurus-Scorpio, while Uranus at 21 Taurus forms an exact opposition to Sedna’s Scorpio Sun at 21 degrees.

This tells me that Sedna is coming alive more and more in our world as the wayshower and shamanic guide we need to heal our ancient past and create a new future for our world.

By April 18, 2024, Jupiter and Uranus will conjunct at 21 Taurus within minutes of Sedna’s Scorpio Sun, expanding upon this activation even more.  A few days later, on April 23, we have a Scorpio Full Moon, completing the cycle that began with today’s new moon.

This is a time of massive change for humanity and all life on Earth, and Sedna’s message is one of hope rather than harbinger of doom.

At the same time, anyone who has violated life and committed atrocities against other beings will find themselves facing divine justice.  For those who practice sacred stewardship and hold all life sacred, there will be a blossoming and expansion of abundance and creativity that allows the innocent, joyful, and healed heart to thrive.

Many blessings to all,


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