Pisces’ Cycle Wraps Up as the New Era Ramps Up

Pisces Full MoonEverything in creation operates in cycles, so there is never a “final” ending or beginning.  And to echo a previous newsletter – “endings are beginnings”.

The cycles we experience are layers of smaller to larger cycles, miniature, medium, and major, that overlap and influence our evolutionary purpose and growth.

Pisces Full Moon Cycle ~ Miniature

While the Pisces Full “blue” Moon on August 30 signifies completion on many levels, this would be considered a “miniature” cycle that’s closing.

Pisces’ natural domain is the 12th house, which has to do with self-undoing, self-sabotage, and self-sacrifice.  So wherever Pisces is in our own chart, we will recognize this type of pattern ending, and have the choice to consciously work towards new and healthier ones.

This is also quite evident on the world stage as chaos dominates, confusion reigns, and there seems to be no clear solution to any of it.  When the storm clouds part, however, clarity will dawn.  How it affects us personally will vary according to our own evolutionary progress and alignment with our soul deep truth.

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Saturn’s Pisces Cycle 2023 – 2026 ~ Medium

Saturn entered Pisces in March of this year, and will exit this sign mid-February 2026.  This would be considered a medium cycle closing out. Since Saturn itself signifies karmic endings, its conjunction to this Pisces full moon puts greater emphasis on the completion of low vibe Piscean patterns.

The fact that Saturn is retrograde (Rx) means that our energy turns inward to reassess and re-examine where we have lost sight of our own autonomy and authority.  Wherever Saturn is in our chart is where we need to master a particular energy with integrity.

Saturn Rx conjunct Aug 30 ’23 Pisces Full Moon

Saturn Rx conjunct this full moon asks the public (moon) to examine where and how we have looked to external authority for solutions rather than cultivating our own spiritual mastery.

Saturn’s Ingress into Aries Feb 2026

Saturn leaves Pisces in February 2026, but just a few weeks before that we have Neptune also leaving Pisces.

Neptune’s Pisces Cycle 2011-2026 ~ Major

As the modern ruler of Pisces, more distant from the earth than Saturn and moving much more slowly, its completion of this transit is considered to be “major”.

Neptune’s Ingress into Aries Jan 2026

Neptune entered Pisces in April 2011, and leaves Pisces late January 2026, signifying the conclusion of a 2000-year era related to the low vibe: martyrdom, mirage, movies (Hollywood), drugs, and addiction.

There is a natural proclivity within the Pisces energy to be completely absorbed in the suffering of the world.

As this era ends, what we are coming to realize is that the only way to end suffering in the world is by ending the pattern of self-sacrifice within our own personal lives.  Where are we trying to save others who are not asking to be saved?

The era of victim, savior, and martyr is transitioning into spiritual sovereignty and self-mastery, empowering each of us to hold ourselves accountable for our energy, behavior, and action towards self and everyone in our world.

Eclipse Cycles and Nodes of the Moon ~ Miniature and Medium

The Nodes of the Moon also play an important role in our collective evolution, but it’s important to understand that they travel backwards (in retrograde motion), as do the “great years” or ages, aka “precession of the equinox”, such as moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

Nodes change signs every 18 months, and complete their cycle around the sun in about 18 years. The North Node (NN) represents positive direction, while the South Node (SN) represents an energy we’ve outgrown.

We never completely abandon the energy of the SN, but rather take what is most supportive from that lesson to reach the unfamiliar territory of the NN.

As the nodes conjoin with the lunar cycles, we have eclipses, and they can feel like full moons on steroids, magnifying endings and beginnings in our lives in dramatic fashion.  This can cause stress, but ultimately the changes are needed for our personal growth and happiness.

Current Cycles

When the nodes shifted in mid-July of this year from NN Taurus-SN Scorpio to NN Aries-SN Libra it marked the end (beginning of the end) of hidden power abuses and human atrocities in all levels of our society (SN Scorpio).

With the Aries NN we are called to the uncharted territory of pioneering our own independence and freedom as one people, but also as individuals in our own everyday life.  As one person champions freedom in his/her life, it buoys courage in others to do the same.

The Libra SN, which is experienced through a more negative expression because it’s SN energy, will reveal those relationships that have felt superficial, artificial, or codependent, and that simply do not fulfill us at a soul-deep level.  Ultimately the Aries-Libra axis is teaching us to re-establish a healthier independence that serves the relationship’s overall growth.

As each one of us grows more comfortable in our own independent way of being, relying less on validation and approval from others, we actually align more powerfully with unconditional love.  This is the foundation upon which the new era and New Earth must be established, and the Aries NN is helping us bust through any old paradigm obstacles we might encounter along our path.

Blessings and freedom to all,


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