June Astrology: Dissolving 3D Concepts and Recreating our Story

June 3 Sagittarius Full Moon

We began this month with the Sagittarius Full Moon on June 3rd, asking us to stretch our minds beyond the practical, 3D constructs and embrace a larger perspective.

With the Gemini New Moon on June 18 forming a square to Neptune in Pisces, there is a powerful dissolution of preconceived notions around our evolutionary story.

Supporting this is Sedna’s  ingress into Gemini, which began on June 15, and signifies that this process will be underway for quite some time.

As the legendary Arctic Sea Woman from Inuit tradition, Sedna is the queen of the sea, the dark shamanic mysteries, and our connection to all life on land, sea, and the greater cosmos beyond Earth.

June 15 Sedna in Gemini: New Story Unfolding

Sedna by Jennifer Aldrich

Sedna simultaneously unites ancient myths and legends with a multi-dimensional paradigm that encompasses sci-fi futuristic energies.

The oceans mirror the cosmos, both of which are teaming with life about which we still know so very little, and to which we are awakening at rapid speed.

According to the legend, Sedna’s death and drowning gave birth to all life in the sea and on land.  This is analogous to planet Sedna’s discovery in 2003 giving “birth” to a never ending array of Kuiper Belt Objects in the universe.

The new story unfolding calls our attention to the infinite unknown mysteries as temple of the Great Mother, a mother as fierce as she is compassionate.

Sedna’s relationship to prosperity is evident in the endless array of life forms on Earth and beyond and, as disseminator of this wealth, she demands respect and reverence for all life.

Gone are the days of grasping and clamoring for material resources at the expense of the sacred and natural world.  Those who truly understand their own spiritual sovereignty, originating from the Infinite Source of All Life, will practice a form of stewardship that aligns with an uninterrupted stream of supply, providing more than enough for a prosperous life.

While Sedna’s in Gemini it is likely that we will see a complete death and rebirth of the divisive narratives that have circulated for multiple millennia, turning truth on its head and claiming falsity as the final word.

We will undoubtedly see the overturning of previous expressions of “truth”, which may include some culture shock for those immersed in the old doctrine.

June 18 Gemini New Moon

June 18 Gemini New Moon

In the June 18 Gemini New Moon chart, we have a sextile between Mercury and Venus.  Mercury rules this Gemini New Moon, and Venus rules the Taurus North Node (NN) destiny point.

We also have the co-ruler of Scorpio South Node (SN), Mars, representing the past, conjunct Venus, representing our future.

Both of these aspects suggest that the universe is supporting our transition from a traumatic and stormy foundation (Scorpio) to a brand new era of peace (Taurus).

Another co-ruler of the Scorpio SN, Pluto, forms a T-square to the Nodes, and will no doubt catalyze the necessary transformation within our individual and collective lives.

This is certainly a profound opportunity to stay focused only on what is desired rather than what is a traumatic reminder of our past.

Many blessings, one and all,


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