Come what MAY 2023 Astrology

Celebrating Mother’s Day in the month of May is perhaps because the word “May” is derived from Mary, divine Mother.  Divine Mother has also become synonymous with the Earth and the infinite abundance it yields despite the assaults it has endured for multiple millennia.

How fitting, then, that we have Jupiter – the planet of expansion and endless growth moving into the sign of Taurus (Earth).  Jupiter represents our beliefs, where we place our faith and our willingness to take risks and demonstrate the proverbial (or literal) leap of faith.

It represents travel, philosophy/religion, higher education, broadcasting/publishing, optimism, opportunities, good luck, and abundance.

It also represents royalty as Jupiter (Zeus) symbolizes kingliness.  Kings can rule magnanimously, or with oppression and tyranny, and depending upon how Jupiter is aspected, either expression is possible.

Although known for its beneficence, Jupiter expands whatever it touches, for good or ill, it’s all in how we use the energy.  We can “have faith” in negative expressions as much as positive ones, so it’s up to us to use its energy wisely or waste it.

May Astrology

In the astrology for May, it feels like there is much more to celebrate than be fearful about, and here’s why:

  1. Jupiter’s ingress into Taurus will conjoin the North Node, and everything related to the North Node is seen through a positive lens. [Yes, I know it will also be opposite the South Node, but it will share a united front with the North Node energies].
  2. More planets are supporting our Taurus North Node journey with a grand stellium involving Sedna, the Sun, Mercury, North Node, Uranus, and Jupiter…that’s a lot of energy supporting our destiny.
  3. Just a few days after Jupiter enters Taurus, we have a Taurus New Moon.  This means we are beginning a new cycle in Taurus rather than finishing one up, and this cycle is related to peace, prosperity, and rebuilding what has broken down, represented by the Scorpio South Node.

There will always be segments of the population and places around the world that will show up as the “low vibe expression”. And there will always be those who are faithfully (a Jupiter word) focusing on our high vibe destiny.

For a general idea on how Jupiter’s energy will impact you according to your Sun or Ascendant sign, here’s a list.  It’s always more informative when you can do a full reading and take into account the deeper layers of rulership and individual aspects and placements.

Thank you so much for the touching reading yesterday! I feel blessed that this was possible! I am so much looking forward to connecting with you again and  I thank you dearly for your engagement and your work for New Earth!  With warm wishes, Julia, Innsbruck, Austria

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Since energy follows thought, and all that we focus upon manifests in our physical world, why not focus on the solutions? In this month’s astrology, “the heavens are declaring” an overarching theme of abundance!

May Astrology
Grand Cross with Mars, Pluto, and South Node

Even when we take into account some of the challenging aspects, such as Jupiter forming a T-Square with Mars and Pluto, the resolving energy is Jupiter.

Jupiter is in agreement with Sedna, the planet that leads this Taurus stellium.

Aside from Mars, the go-getter, what Pluto, Jupiter, and Sedna all have in common is abundant resources, wealth, money.

Pluto rules hidden wealth (think diamonds, silver, and gold). Sedna governs the distribution of wealth according to how well individuals are serving the greater good.

Taurus Stellium
Sedna leads the Taurus Stellium Jupiter has now joined

Now Jupiter is growing these energies and supporting the optimism of the North Node destiny.

Taurus New Moon with the Sun and Moon conjunct Sedna

When the Taurus New Moon happens a few days later, on May 19, it will conjunct Sedna, suggesting that a new cycle will enable us to reap what we sew.

If we’ve been sewing seeds of service and sharing our gifts for the greater good, we will receive the bountiful gifts that Mother Earth always provides.


Wishing all of you an abundant yield and harvest!



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