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Astrology Houses

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Just as each of the four elements has a “frequency” or “vibe”, so too do the planets, signs, and houses.  This page is designed familiarize yourself with the house themes. When we consider astrology within the context of music, planets are vibrations of consciousness; signs are the instruments through which the planets express their vibration, and houses represent areas of life, the stages where we practice getting our part in tune with life.

Houses can also be understood through the dynamic of polarities.  For instance, the first house represents “Self”, while the 7th house (its opposite) represents “Others”.  Below are simple key words representing the opposites for each of the six “axes” containing all twelve houses.

1st-7th Self – Others

2nd-8th Aquire Resources – Surrender Control

3rd-9th Rational Mind – Philosophical Mind

4th-10th Private Home – Public Ambition

5th-11th Spontaneous Self-Expression – Group Evolution

6th-12th Organized Details – Formless Field

To simplify the house themes, I’ve created rhymes for each one below…enjoy!

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1. Emerge
2. Manifest
3. Learn
4. Belong
5. Express
6. Organize
7. Relate
8. Surrender 2
9. Inspire
10. Lead
11. Evolve
12. Merge