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Sound Sanctuary

Samples (click and play audio)

Earth Unison (Ohm) – for grounding before energy work or journeying

Ohm Octave – sealing the energy work with “as above so below” intention

Venus and Mars – harmonize the opposites, balance hormones, soothe emotions

Mercury and Venus – Union of mind and heart, communicating what we want and attracting it

Jupiter and Uranus – expand higher consciousness, claircognizance, ingenuity and innovation

New Moon and Uranus – Begin a new cycle of claircognizance, liberation, thinking outside the box

Full Moon and Uranus – Bring cycle of awareness to completion, manifestation of creative project

Sedna/Uranus – awaken the Ancient Goddess, liberate dormant, ancestral wisdom

NM/Sedna – Begin a new cycle of calling in ancient, indigenous wisdom and the “sleeping goddess”

FM/Sedna – Bring to completion a particular cycle of ancient trauma, abuse of the feminine, synthesizing the soul

Mercury/Sedna – communicate, communion with, ancient, indigenous wisdom of our ancestors

Earth Day – the greening principle of Springtime, fertilizing, regenerative, fast-growing like grass

Zodiac 3rd – expansion of consciousness beyond the earth, meditative, relaxing, anti-inflammatory


Sedna – Shamanic Medicine

Pluto/Sedna – Soul Retrieval

Chiron/Sedna – Healing Trauma

Neptune/Sedna – Transcending Trauma

Full Moon/Sedna – Soul Synthesis

Savasana – Just as we rest after yoga exercise, it is important to sit in silence once you’ve listened to the blends to allow space for integration, processing, and for any messages to come through.

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