Jennifer Gehl brings her years of experience to life as a teacher, practitioner, and writer to provide each and every one of her clients with a personal experience designed not only to heal, but to encourage growth and new beginnings. Her combination of Astrology and Acutonics capitalizes on the power of sound and wisdom of the cosmos to deliver Astro-Sound Attunements, allowing individuals both in person and at a distance to align with Divine Mind.

The new paradigm is here. Jennifer Gehl not only gives an accurate view of where we are but also of how we got here. Her review of the earliest healing modalities and healers stands as a gem itself, a veritable Cliff Notes of the classics and obscure alike.
We are introduced to the science of vibration, sound, and energy and their relationship to healing in a way that’s accessible to the layperson but full of substance for health and wellness veterans. After all, it’s an energetic universe! Concepts such as sacred geometry (which should be taught to every student)  reflect the fact that matter is condensed energy and always follows the implicate order of energy patterns underlying everything in the universe.
As you follow the narrative that Gehl skillfully weaves, it is easy to comprehend that we live in an energetic universe and that there are rules to it that we haven’t been taught. Any person with an ounce of curiosity has to be chomping at the bit.  “As above, so below”  the saying goes. If we look around us, we can see that the universe is constantly sending us signals once we learn how to look and listen.
In Planetary Signatures, Jennifer Gehl invites us to consider the possibility that we haven’t heard the whole story regarding health and that taking the journey to understand a new, more comprehensive worldview is not only delightfully entertaining, but yields us our biscuit at the end: new modalities using this information to achieve balance and healing in our energetic universe!~Steve McNeal, D.C.


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Perhaps only two or three times a decade comes along real paradigm shift in the clinical sciences. The Science of Planetary Signatures in Medicine is truly one of those books. Gehl has lifted the tectonic plates in our field, and in detail ushered back in the ancient teachings of Tehuti and others in “As above, so below; as within, so without”. In so doing she has outlined another trajectory for the reunion of mind, body and spirit in the clinical sciences. Truly a magnificent contribution! ~Edward Bynum, Ph.D., Director of Behavioral Medicine and Biofeedback, UMass., author of DARK LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS

I’m reading your book and in love with it…the history is amazing!  The time and research you put in has accumulated over your entire life I’m sure.~C. Vosburg, Pennsylvania

 love your book.  It is a great read, well done, andI will use it a lot.  Thank you for a great work.     ~M. Streiff, North Carolina.


It is so rare to take a holistic approach to research or education when framing new studies or the acquisition of knowledge, but Jennifer Gehl has done just that.  She effectively weaves together research findings that span thousands of years and diverse traditions from the disciplines of early medicine, mathematics, myths and legends to sacred geometry, music, and East Asian medicine. She provides us with compelling perspectives on why we should care about the influences of the planets and the cosmos on life on Earth. In this new book she also articulates beautifully how to restore the cosmic foundations of healing for personal, planetary, and universal health and well being. – Ellen F. Franklin, PhD & Donna Carey, MS, LAc., The Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine, LLC

Jennifer Gehl’s (et al) book is brilliant. I can hardly wait to share it with everyone I know! The title might suggests it’s just for healers – it’s not. It is for all seekers. In it you will discover the bridges from the ancient knowing to the present scientific understanding. Any seeker who is looking for the connections between sacred geometry, the ancient wisdom and modern scientific discovery will absolutely love this book. This book is a treasure trove of research and where they intersect. I suspect it will become a classic like many other books – referred to again and again to understand something new or old. -Maureen St. Germain, The Practical Mystic