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About Sound Works

About Sound Works

Thank you for visiting Sound Works, where astrological frequencies called Astro-Sound, facilitate space for more harmony in your life.

The fact that you are here means that you are on a mission to discover (or re-discover) who you truly are.  Congratulations!!  This is a journey that establishes unshakeable peace.

Living in Harmony

Being in harmony with life requires that you first be in harmony with your Self.  It means simply being who you are.  Your natal signature holds information that is unique to you, and reveals how you came here to express yourself as a spark of the divine.

When you listen to your natal signature by tuning into customized Astro-Sound frequencies, you are creating more space for divine essence to express itself through you.  Little by little, with applied intention, awareness, and trust, you will embody more and more of who you truly are.  You will bring your chart to life in a whole new way, with a new set of eyes and ears!

Comparison is Cancer to Your Soul

One of the first astrologers from whom I sought counsel spoke these powerful and life-changing words to me:  “comparison is cancer to your soul”.  Little did I know at the time how life would unfold in such a way to reveal this lesson to me over and over again.

Every time I allow the comparison game to infiltrate my inner being, the emotions of doubt and shame surface.  Then I remember that I AM worthy simply by BEING here, and I return to my inner truth and essence.

Your Natal Signature is Frozen Music

Every human soul has its own unique signature and part to play in the divine unfolding.  Your natal signature is frozen music, and every musical composition has its own melody, rhythm, and style.

That means that while someone else’s part may be singing dramatic melodies and commanding the stage, your part may read “tacet”,  Understand that this is temporary, and staying awake and alert for your cue to come in means you need to know your part and be ready.

Astro-Sound assists in the awakening of soul’s innate wisdom and song.  It starts to “unfreeze” the notes that hold preconceived notions that cause rigidity in our thoughts, beliefs, and behavior.  How will we know if this applies to us?

When negative emotions such as fear, jealousy, impatience, rage, low self-esteem, shame, cynicism, depression, etc., become the dominant theme in our daily lives, we are not in harmony! 

Learn to Hear the Divine Composer

In this physical dimension, we have access to so much more than what our physical eyes and ears perceive.  When we learn to be the conductor of our own lives and unique music, we open ourselves to the magical world of communication coming directly from the Divine Composer.

Astro-Sound helps you recalibrate your senses to “hear” these messages and follow the beat of your own inner conductor.  But Free Will operates by invitation only: You have to ASK.

Combined with intention, sound unlocks what we are hiding from ourselves, and where we have allowed ourselves to embody someone else’s truth.  It’s natural to want to be accepted, and not “rock the boat” by singing a different tune. These tendencies are perfectly natural and human, but they often constrict the soul’s desire to express itself to the fullest.

You are a conduit between Heaven and Earth, and only you can bring heaven down to earth in your life.  

Astro-Sound frequencies are designed to reinstate deep harmony within you because they are customized to your “musical composition”, the natal chart, and the personal cycles inviting change and transformation so that you can experience more harmony.

My only objective is to hold the sacred space for you to relax, remember, and receive what you already know to be true. You be you, I’ll be me, and together we’ll create perfect harmony.


Jennifer Gehl is the author of The Return of Planet Sedna: Astrology, Healing, and the Awakening of Cosmic Kundalini, and The Science of Planetary Signatures in Medicine: Restoring the Cosmic Foundations of Healing, with Marc S. Micozzi, MD. She provides astrology consultations and customized recordings that turn astrology into a sound healing experience.