Welcome to Soundworks!

Thank you for visiting Sound Works, which can be understood in the following ways:

1. Sound works in the body to promote healing and activate memory.

2. The “sound works” by Jennifer Gehl offer visitors a chance to experience planetary medicine through the blends called “Astro-Sound”.

In the same way that plants are endowed with specific healing qualities and blended into herbal remedies and essential oils, so too are the planets endowed with certain qualities that can activate healing within our being. The four elements we know as fire, earth, air, and water are also the fundamental building blocks of the universe: fire, solids, gas, and liquids. Planets govern the elements and the astrological signs, bringing to us certain characteristics associated with those elements and signs. As an author of two books on planetary medicine, I wanted to create a platform for you to become acquainted with the content of my books, and also be able to experience planetary medicine directly through sound. This is an opportunity for you to:

Enter the Sanctuary
Align with the Divine
Ask a question or hold an intention
Listen and receive

May Blessings Multiply,

My Background:
Music instruction began at the age of six with piano lessons, and a year later with violin. In college, I received more formal training, acquiring a bachelor’s in violin performance, but something was always calling me to expand into more integrative work. Like many teenagers, I always felt different, awkward, and uncomfortable in my own skin. With the exception of a few close friends with whom I could be myself, I always felt insecure, but I learned the art of “people-pleasing” so that I could feel a sense of belonging. Often that meant compromising my true feelings and essence in order to keep the peace.

Around the age of 14, I discovered astrology and began the process of identifying planetary influences from the snapshot of the heavens at the time that I was born. From that moment on, the words I’d always been taught in catechism: “God knows every hair on your head and every prayer upon your lips before the words are uttered” finally came alive with meaning. During college, astrology took a back seat, followed by post college studies in several modalities, among them being Reiki, healing touch, massage, yoga, Acutonics®, non-degree coursework in Chinese Medicine, and a Master’s in Health Sciences.

As a grad student, I returned more seriously to the study of astrology as well as to another love of mine, which is writing. And in my first semester, I collaborated with Marc S. Micozzi, MD, on a few chapters in his textbook “The Fundamentals of Complementary and Alternative Medicine”, 5th edition (2014). I would later collaborate with him on my first book, The Science of Planetary Signatures in Medicine: Restoring the Cosmic Foundations of Healing (2017). My most recent book, The Return of Planet Sedna. was released in 2019. Both of these books offer comprehensive information on the human-cosmic connection, and how we all are linked through the matrix of energy consciousness and vibration.