April 2023: Relating by Number – The Mean Between the Extremes

“Relating by Number” ~ if it were only that simple!  As cliché as it may sound, it is nonetheless true that the most important relationship we will ever establish, aside from that with the Creator, is with ourselves.

The April 2023 astrology emphasizes relationships, and reveals the means by which we can unify extremes within ourselves and in our relationships.

Both the Libra Full Moon on April 6 and the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 20, foreshadow the Nodal shift into Aries-Libra coming up in July.   By highlighting the relationship axis, we are being called to balance self-directed choice and independence with others.

In order to fully embody the “I AM” principle (Aries) while simultaneously being able to allow  another’s point of view to simply be as it is (Libra), requires a strong inner core.

Taoism refers to it as “the middle way”. Before Taoism, however, Pythagoras referred to the golden ratio, the golden mean, which Plato later called “the mean between the extremes”.

The Mean Between the Extremes

To the Pythagoreans, the topic of mathematics was perceived through the lens of mystical wisdom and metaphor within which all things in the universe were held in harmony.

Mathematics contains both rational and irrational numbers, which, for all intents and purposes, represent two different extremes.

Rational numbers are expressed as integers or fractions, while irrational numbers can only be expressed in decimals; the numbers do not repeat and do not end, but continue on into infinity.

The first category represents patterns that repeat, while the latter refers to a process that repeats into infinity. The two most common irrational numbers are “pi” and “phi”.

When rational and irrational numbers are combined, they produce another irrational number.  Irrational numbers open up the process by which something new can be accessed.

From a philosophical standpoint, it would seem that rationality (expressing an identical concept or relationship) does not necessarily support creativity. On the other hand, an irrational number serves to create a new variable, so perhaps an irrational concept could also lead to a new solution—begging the question: Is it always reasonable to be rational? (The Science of Planetary Signatures in Medicine, p.  151)

To Be Rational or Irrational, that is the Question?

Historically, we have been indoctrinated into a way of perceiving the world that repeatedly upholds the “rational” while holding in contempt those who exercise an intuitive process that may defy logic.

In fact the word “irrational” has taken on a connotation synonymous with “insane”.   Yet in total contrast to this, we have the quote attributed to Einstein: “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”.

Practicing only a “rational” perspective and subsequent behavior leads to repeating patterns that serve no one, least of all relationships.

On the other hand, when combined with an “irrational”, or what I prefer to call “non-rational” perspectives, new behavior can be established, leading to new solutions.  The most well known irrational number is phi, which Plato referred to as “the mean between the extremes”.

The fact is that we need to be able to balance both extremes and perspectives by finding unity within ourselves.

This is the balancing act of Aries-Libra as well as any two polarities. If both rational and irrational numbers are required to create something new, then certainly, both rational and non-rational approaches are required to balance relationships.

How does this relate to Astrology?

Within the Pythagorean tradition, “Number” itself implies “order”, which is the actual definition of the Greek word Kosmos.  Number in space expresses itself through geometry; number in time expresses through music and harmony, and number in space-time expresses through astronomy.

If astronomy is the language of the cosmos, it stands to reason that astrology is the language of the human soul’s place within it.

Pythagorean TetractysA fundamental symbol within Pythagorean teachings was the Tetractys, a pyramid with 4 points at the base, 3 points above that, 2 points above that, and 1 point at the peak.

When we add all the numbers together (4 + 3 + 2 + 1) we get 10, which reverts back to the “one” at the top, demonstrating unity consciousness.

In the Tao, there is a teaching that One (undifferentiated wholeness) becomes two, two becomes three, three becomes four, and from the four ALL things are created.

Within the context of Astrology, we may consider the Zodiac circle as “undifferentiated wholeness”. From that “whole” is produced two polarities, positive and negative (solar/lunar, yang/yin).  From the two, we have three modes (cardinal, fixed, mutable), which are also principles of creation (father, mother, child). From the three are produced four elements, and from the four elements ALL things are created.

When the North Nodes moves into Aries mid-July, we will be called upon to pioneer a new pathway for humanity – something that will NOT repeat any patterns from the past.  The North Node (NN) always represents uncharted, unfamiliar territory, and is seen through a positive lens.

The Aries-Libra axis invites us to examine and reassess the ways in which we have forfeited our own pioneering, creative, and independent way of being (Aries) to maintain “peace” within our relationships (Libra).

Perhaps it is time to forge a new pathway that grants more freedom to our own individuality, and subsequently, to each other.  If everyone sings the melody, there would literally be no harmony.

We are not meant to think the same, act the same, behave the same, feel the same, nor believe the same. So why do we try to make others conform to our will? For that matter, why would we want to conform to another’s will if it conflicts with who we are at the core of our being?

Our purpose is to find our own freedom, so that we may grant it to another without needing to adopt their way of life for ourselves. We can only give to another what we fully embody ourselves and provide from a place of generosity.

The one simple way to discern another’s motives is by how much life and freedom it grants to another being.  When there is abuse, violence, or loss of freedom, there is also loss of dignity. Not only is that the very antithesis of LIFE; it is also the very definition of slavery.

And in that respect, I agree with Patrick Henry’s sentiment: “Give me liberty, or give me death.”

Blessings and freedom to all,


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