Embracing the energy of the New Moon Solar Eclipse

With the partial eclipse of the Sun, what we have is a situation where ego identity needs become overshadowed (eclipsed) by the unconscious motivations represented by the Moon, what Jung called the Shadow. This is not a bad thing – nothing in astrology is “bad” – it is an opportunity to let go of outmoded patterns, and eclipses tend to accelerate the process of change.

With the S. Node in Aries conjunct Uranus (liberation through spontaneous change), and the N. Node in Libra (balancing opposites/partner energy), the invitation is about freeing ourselves from past conditioning (S. Node) of being or feeling alone as we “battle it out” (Aries) to instead explore the idea of involving partner energy (Libra/business or personal) as we evolve into the next phase of our journey (N.Node).

The New Moon itself is conjunct Venus (ruler of Libra/partnership, and the N.Node in this New Moon’s configuration), in the sign of Scorpio at 0°. To me this is analogous to the “Fool” in tarot who’s starting out on a brand new journey, emphasizing the uncharted territory of the N. Node and the New Moon cycle itself. What does this mean? This archetype, more than any other, is complex and, unlike other astrology signs, has three symbols, representing lower to higher states of consciousness.

  • The Scorpioninstinctually likes to sting when it is wounded or scared, taking revenge on the perceived perpetrator responsible for its woundedness, be it partner, family, associates, or the world. Sexual energy is misused – withheld from partner or used as a means for control. This level of Scorpio expression is in the habit of projecting Shadow onto others.
  • The Phoenix, also represented by the Egyptian “Bennu” – is a beautiful bird representing renewal. This level of consciousness is about rising out of the ashes of the past of perceived wounds, betrayal, or persecution, and allowing life force energy to do what it does best…regenerate, renew and empower. Death is a natural part of life, and certainly not the “end of the story.” All is energy, therefore all is Life, which never dies….it only changes form. This is what the phoenix symbol teaches us.
  • The Eagleteaches us to soar above perceived drama, transcending the mundane and profane. Regal eagle rises above the situations that seem to want to drag us back into the abyss of the Shadow. Its perspective epitomizes the teaching “be in this world but not of it.” Eagle allows itself to “fall for its partner,” and, in fact, carries out the mating ritual in this way, but always returns to the freedom of the skies, allowing its partner to do the same. Eagle reminds us to keep looking up, to seek the higher currents, and soar without effort along the winds of change.

A note about Scorpio and its ruling planet Pluto: The ultimate goal of this archetype is Alchemy – transforming lower states of consciousness to higher ones, just as the three symbols above describe. Pluto’s ultimate energy is about annihilating what the ego wants to hold onto, but not to punish. It’s about purifying the baser energies, as alchemists do, turning lead into gold, so that the essence of Soul can find its highest expression.

[Pluto, though “demoted” by scientists because of its…ahem…size…is inconsequential. Remember the atom bomb, and you will realize the power Pluto is capable of, and teaches us to use ever so wisely.]

In partnership, Scorpio represents authenticity, passion, facing the shadow with humble courage and vulnerability, and using power wisely. Anything but superficial, Scorpio’s energy, without trying, penetrates to the core and, like the eagle, sees the minute, subtle movements that others try to hide. But instead of using that information to exploit or manipulate, the highest expression of Scorpio wants to heal, to inspire change, and to empower others to transcend perceived limitation.

Final Summary: Whether you are experiencing the light or shadow side of life right now, this New Moon is inviting you to explore the seed of opportunity represented by the opposite.  There is yin with yang, and yang within yin, each giving birth to the other.  Enjoy the healing that awaits you and only the Shadow knows.  Peace~Jennifer

Depending on where you live, this New Moon begins at a different time, and falls in a different zodiac house.  It will also apply differently to all of us, depending on our time and place of birth.  If you would like a customized consultation and/or harmonic attunement to the energies, please email me at soundworksbygehl@gmail.com.