An Intense Full Moon January 12, 2017

Wow, what a “full” Full Moon we have on Thursday. The intensity of a Grand Cardinal Cross, where each element is represented: Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (earth), Moon in Cancer (water), Jupiter in Libra (air), and Uranus in Aries (fire). Three of these elements are at 22 degrees (in numerology this number represents the builder); Uranus in Aries is 20 deg. Sun/Pluto in Cap – invitation to be powerful CEO of your own life (high side), or manipulative, vengeful shadow projected onto others (low side), opposing emotional Moon in Cancer (family, nurturance, intuition, heart-centered – high side) or infantile behavior feeling that the world owes them – low side). Then we have Jupiter in Libra, faith in relationships, harmony and balancing opposition (high side), or too much emphasis on outward appearance of success (low side), opposite Uranus in Aries, awakening the pioneering individual (high side), or bullying anyone who opposes you because of an “I am right” attitude (low side).

Together these energies represent a very clear choice for each of us to make: 1) Feeling “nailed to the cross” (Grand Cardinal Cross that is) and perpetuating the emotion of hate for all the abuses we’ve endured OR 2) Clearing out distractions and outworn patterns of polarization and projection to invoke our highest destiny and purpose in the world. We’ve all endured the “sucker punch” at some point in our lives – individually and collectively – but which of these choices provides a more solid foundation to build upon for a better future?