Springtime, the Wood Element, and Jupiter: Planetary Vibes that Soothe the Liver, Nourish Creativity

By now, all of us are ready for spring. It’s been a relentless winter season, associated with the Water Element and a time of going within, engaging in more introspection. The Water Element rules the kidneys and urinary bladder, and is associated with the emotion of fear. Perhaps we’ve felt left “out in the cold” or emotionally abandoned in some way.

With the arrival of spring, we enter the Wood Element, associated with the liver and gallbladder organs, and the emotion of anger. In Chinese Medicine, the liver is considered the “visionary” and the gallbladder considered the “implementer.” Do you feel challenged to gain a larger vision for yourself and your life? Do you find it difficult to simply make a decision and move forward with it? Does fear of making a mistake (Water element) hold you back from creating something new (Wood element)? Our bodies respond to these cycles and emotions in ways we may not realize. Why should we care about planetary cycles in relationship to the seasons, emotions, and organs? After all, the planets are “out there” and have no effect on us right?

Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only do our emotions affect the internal organs and their energy pathways, so too do the planetary cycles affect how well we manage our emotions and their impact on physical health.

Planetary Associations and The Five Elements

It’s not often taught that Chinese Medicine is rooted in the Taoist philosophy “as above so below, as within so without”. The microcosm – physical body – reflects the heavenly order of the planets in their orbits – macrocosm. In The Foundations of Chinese Medicine, Giovanni Maciocia reveals the ancient planetary associations in Five Element Theory: Wood – Jupiter; Fire – Mars; Earth – Saturn; Metal – Venus; Water – Mercury (p. 26).

In the body, the liver is responsible for the smooth flow of qi among all the organs. It moves energy up and out in all directions, expansive in the same way that Jupiter expands what it touches. When liver qi becomes stagnant or compromised in some way, we can become moody, irritable, and perhaps stymied in our ability to create. Physically, we may experience hypertension, headaches, or pain and inflammation in the joints. Anxiety and indigestion are other possible manifestations of liver disharmony when the liver “overacts” on (becomes a bully to) the stomach and spleen.

In the Acutonics system of sound healing, tuning forks calibrated to the orbital frequencies of the planets are used on the acupuncture points and meridian system. Astro-sound Attunements further customize the harmonic application because they allow sessions to be personalized based upon chart analysis for each client. Wherever Jupiter is in your natal chart will provide clues to soothing the liver, and will also be affected by transiting Jupiter (Jupiter’s current position in the sky).

Right now, all of us are experiencing transiting Jupiter in the sign Scorpio, putting a magnifying glass on intimate relationships, emotional loss, perhaps even death, occult matters and esoteric sciences, money, shared resources, taxes and inheritance. Wherever Scorpio resides in your chart is the area of life being activated by transiting Jupiter.

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