The Healing Power of Sound

Whether we find ourselves awakening to birdsongs each day, or hear church bells on a Sunday morning, certain sounds have the ability to remind us of our inherent goodness and of life’s intrinsic order. We’re reminded that no matter how things look on the outside, there is an underlying reason for– and value to – what we are experiencing. Outside there may be chaos, but somewhere inside of us is the realization that things are unfolding with a higher purpose in mind. The healing power of sound is something we all can experience, much of it activating the process of remembering that all things are in cycle, and will return to a state of balance. We see these cycles in nature with the four seasons, witnessing each year how these transitions occur. And just as nature delivers storms that can potentially wreck our roads and homes, inspiring the rebuilding process, stress can disrupt normal health in the body.

In the Oriental Medicine model, Nature – particularly the seasonal changes – mirrors what’s going on in the body. Each organ moves energy in a specific way, allowing change and transformation to take place. Food is transformed into different kinds of energy, nutritive qi and defensive qi. The former nourishes the internal organs, the latter defends the body against potential disease. All the organs work together as one team, and depend on each other to fulfill their role in order to maintain health. When injury or stress interrupts the natural cycles in the body, we may experience pain or disease, becoming fearful that we’ll forever be stuck in this phase. However, just as spring follows winter, we also have to recognize that the body can return to a state of balance. When pain and disease occur, it is information that the body is communicating for the purpose of addressing whatever caused us to become unhealthy in the first place.

Sound works beautifully in the body because the body is mostly water, approximately 70%, making it a perfect resonator for sound to travel and effect healthy change. With the Acutonics® Tuning Fork System, we are able to use specific tones that help the organs “remember” what their role is, so that the team can function as a whole and be better equipped to maintain health. Some intervals aid in the restoration of nutritive qi (yin), some intervals fortify and strengthen defensive qi (yang). Other intervals help to liberate “stuck” qi, caused by either an excess or deficiency of one of the above.

There is still another way that the tuning forks encourage healing. Because sound triggers memory, it has the ability to help us remember who we truly are – body, mind, and soul. Ultimately, it is the will and the spirit of the individual that determines life’s quality, and healing experience. As one who works with sound, my job is to facilitate space that encourages the whole person to return to a state of balance and harmony. Just as a blade of grass peaks through concrete, finding its way to the air and sunshine, life will always find a way to thrive, no matter what may be weighing it down at the moment. The healing tones of the Acutonics® system provide a natural way for individuals to thrive – revitalizing the body, calming the mind, and soothing the spirit.