What is Acutonics®?

Acutonics® is a system of vibrational sound healing rooted in Oriental Medicine and the Tao. Acu – for acupuncture points; tonics – for the soothing tones that heal.

Similar to acupuncture, using medical grade tuning forks instead of needles, the vibration enters and accesses reservoirs of energy known in Chinese Medicine as meridians and the eight extraordinary vessels. Unique to other sound modalities, the frequencies of the Acutonics tuning forks represent the Music of the Spheres, discovered and taught by Pythagoras. The work of Pythagoras, Johannes Kepler and Hans Cousto provided the information necessary for Donna Carey, Ph.D., LAc, to co-develop the Acutonics® Healing System.

Each tuning fork corresponds to a specific organ, meridian and/or body function. They are applied directly to the body in pairs, one tuning fork on the opening point of a meridian, the other on a balancing point. This method introduces a sound wave that feels like a “micro” massage, and results in healing at the cellular, muscular and energetic levels. Since the human body is 70% water, the vibrations travel more quickly to achieve healing results.

Here are what some clients have said about their experience:

“As a nurse, I know what a negative effect stress can have on a person’s physical and psychological health. Seeking relief from stress was the main reason I decided to try acutonics about five months ago, as well as relief from an uncomfortable pressure in my ribcage. At first, the benefits of the treatments were subtle, but as time went on, they have become much more pronounced, and I’m really glad I stayed with the process. Now my stress level is considerably lower and the pressure I had in my ribcage is gone. I find that, not only can I handle certain problematic situations much better than before, I also notice that my thoughts are clearer, and my life is becoming more calm and organized. I just feel like a more effective person since I began my treatments with Jennifer. Acutonics has been, and will continue to be, a key component in my plan to stay healthy.”
Bonnie, Altoona, PA

“Hello Jennifer:
It has been so long since I was at your place in Altoona –where I had the opportunity to experience your extremely healing Sound Therapy.

I am now in Los Angeles, and about 3 weeks ago I had another PET scan and it showed absolutely no signs of cancer. I am healed. I don’t like to sound like a kook, but a healing took place and I remember that day on your table when you placed the “forks” on me and I suddenly broke out in copious tears — a release.

I took my radiation and I took months of chemo and I came through them without even any
sickness, and even kept my hair, and I KNOW that a big part of my being able to handle it
all was your Sound Therapy. Of course there was more to it too, in particular the Spiritual and
the faith in God and the faith that I could be healed. But you were there and part of it all.

Thank you so much. I hope your new ventures are going well too, and once again, please excuse me for waiting so long to write this email of thanks and encouragement for the really meaningful work that you are doing.”
Melinda, Los Angeles

“Can’t thank you enough for seeing me, I feel AMAZING!!!! The “problem” area was 100% improved.
Also, my back has been bothering me for months and spread to my hip. The chiro I have been seeing hasn’t made it better… I knew when I got off the table that my back was better but I wanted to see how it felt the next day. My lower back bothered me a bit while climbing but NOTHING like before. My hip feels amazing!!! I had no idea you could heal that too. WOW!”
Kitty, Atlanta, GA

“I was diagnosed with arthritis, and had pain and numbness travel down the left arm that interfered with my work. By the third session, the pain and numbness was gone and has never returned. I highly recommend Acutonics to anyone experiencing pain.
Jim, Sarasota, FL

In July, 2006 I broke my arm. By February, 2007 I would still have a sharp pain shoot through my bicep and travel down my arm any time I reached too far too quickly. I had a session with Jennifer, not really knowing what to expect. About two days later I made a sudden move that would normally cause shooting pain to occur in my arm. But it didn’t! So I started making various movements that always used to produce the pain, and much to my surprise, there was no pain!!! This is fantastic! And after only one session!”
Kay, Blue Ridge, GA

By law, Acutonics® cannot diagnose, treat, cure or prevent.