Aries Full Moon: Under Pressure

Tomorrow’s full moon in Aries has an exact T-square from Pluto at 20 degrees Capricorn to the Sun at 20 degrees Libra and the Moon at 20 degrees Aries.  This signifies mounting pressure from hidden aspects of our lives, psyches, and soul that have been desiring change, and we, simultaneously, have remained unclear about what it should be or how to go about it.

The good news is that Jupiter makes an exact trine at 20 degrees Sagittarius to the full moon.  Whereas squares create tension that motivates us to change, the trine is harmonious and supportive.  The square from Pluto teaches lessons about power: how to use it wisely if we are in positions of authority, and how to not give it away if we are unaccustomed to owning our own authority.

Rest assured, life will give us opportunities to see our own shadow aspects through encounters with others.  If that occurs, just breathe and consider it a gift as we are all learning to re-evaluate who we are at a much deeper level.  Pluto rules the underworld and symbolizes those subjects that the Sun in polite and harmonious Libra would rather not address.  But the full moon in Aries, along with the square from Pluto, is shining a light on certain things we may have tried to sweep under the rug.

The fact that Jupiter is in its own sign, Sagittarius, gives it a bit more power to help us trust our own instincts.  And its energy is that of broadening our peripheral vision so that we can see beyond our current situation or past conditioning.  Jupiter is about seeking truth and wisdom from foreign influences, cultures, higher education, or perhaps through our own teaching and learning.  Whether teacher, seeker, or student, we are raising the bar on what we will accept as meaningful experiences in our personal lives and in the collective.

Yin within Yang, Yang within Yin

If we look at this full moon chart from the collective perspective, we can see an ongoing exchange of energy between two polarities we call yin/yang, light/dark, masculine/feminine energies.  The Sun and Mars are very outward directed, active planets, considered yang, and both are sitting in Venus-ruled Libra.  The Moon and Venus, considered feminine, receptive planets, are occupying signs ruled by Mars and Pluto.  This reminds me of the I Ching/Tao symbol of the white dot (yang) within the dark (yin), and the black dot (yin) within the light (yang).

Both energies are inextricably linked to, and give birth to, each other.  In the collective story, we are learning to evolve to a more balanced expression of these forces, even though things may seem completely out of balance in the world at large.  Remember how long it takes to steer a huge ship – much like the Titanic.  Any change or “turn of events” takes a while when so many people are involved.  Our planet is adjusting to cosmic forces that are beyond what we can see at the human level.  But we can help earth navigate these deep waters and, more importantly, miss the proverbial iceberg to succeed where the Titanic failed.

Besides the lessons related to power, Pluto teaches us to trust our own instincts, regardless of what past conditioning and logic would have us choose.  Jupiter is supporting this Aries Moon to help us make pioneering choices.  However, we have to work with the Sun in Libra to balance both the stern and the bow so as not to sink our ship.

Aries Full Moon Astro-Sound

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