Libra New Moon: Finding Equilibrium

With the September 28 Libra New Moon, occurring at 7:27 pm EST, we look to the ruling planet Venus for some important aspects affecting this new cycle of growth.  We have a conjunction to Mercury, an exact sextile to Jupiter, a quincunx to Neptune, a square to Pluto, and a square to the North and South Nodes.  So let’s look at each one to understand more completely what these aspects have to offer in the way of soul growth and change.

  1. With Venus conjunct Mercury we’re being supported in the art of listening without feeling the need to judge others or be judged in return. It suggests a desire to find harmony (Venus) when receiving and processing the opposite point of view.
  2. The exact sextile between Venus at 17 Libra and Jupiter at 17 Sagittarius suggests  expansion, travel, and renewed faith in the areas of life affected by Venus in general, such as relationships, beauty, fine arts, self-esteem, personal resources and values, and Libra in particular.  So look to the house(s) in which the planet Venus and the sign Libra occupy in order to understand how Jupiter will bring expansion to that area of life.
  3. With the quincunx between Neptune at 16 Pisces and Venus at 17 Libra, we are learning to reconcile romantic reveries, imagination and idealism with, and within, our social connections.  As cardinal air, Libra expresses itself by initiating intellectual connections that seek beauty and equality within personal and professional relationships.  Quincunxes challenge us to find common ground between the signs involved, and what Pisces and Libra have in common is love of cultural experiences, music and all forms of the fine arts that nourish human connection and civility.
  4. The square between Venus and Pluto may bring intense feelings or wounds triggered by personal and professional relationships. Projection of the shadow self – either an idealized or repressed version – could show up in our relationships causing power struggles that require due diligence to heal and integrate authentically.
  5. Last but not least we have a square from Venus to the North Node in Cancer and the South Node in Capricorn.  The North Node, ruled by the moon, calls us into uncharted waters as we establish new emotional and personal foundations.   The South Node in Capricorn asks us to finish up old business and karmic patterns so that we have room for the new connections represented by the North Node.

In general, these aspects are helping us move in the right direction, and anything stubbornly holding on to outworn patterns will be addressed by the exact quincunx from Uranus to the New Moon.

Uranus, at 5 Taurus represents change, perhaps radical change, in the area of values, resources, real estate and security (Taurus).  The Libra New Moon represents a new cycle of growth affecting our relationships and connections, specifically in the area of life ruled by Libra (look to the house in which Libra sits).

The exact quincunx asks us to reconcile two facets of life that seem to be at odds with each other: independence, innovation, and individuality (Uranus) with our personal and professional connections (Venus).  Quincunxes are difficult to manage in and of themselves, and Uranus always brings spontaneity and surprises, but because Venus rules both Taurus and Libra, there is common ground to be found.  Whatever changes Uranus throws at us will ultimately lead to Venusian satisfaction, security and harmonious connections.

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