Astrosonics Updates & Announcements

Hello Friends,

This is a quick update on April happenings astrologically, monthly zoom meeting links, and gearing up for the launch of my online course Astrosonics YOUniversity offered through The Garden of Neuro and Mighty Networks, which I hope to complete by the end of this month!  Here is a sneak peak.

You will need to become a member of the Garden of Neuro in order to access this course; membership is FREE, and open to both men and women.

In the process of creating the course, the name changed from Astro-Sound to Astrosonics, but the principle of teaching astrology through the experience of sound and frequency remains at the core.

Rare Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction on April 12th!

On April 12, Jupiter and Neptune will conjoin in the sign of Pisces, in which both planets have natural affinity.

Jupiter, as the ancient ruler, and Neptune as the modern ruler, place an emphasis on the Piscean realm.  The last time these two planets conjoined in Pisces was March 17, 1856.

Pisces rules the mystical realm of dreams and visions, and reminds us how powerful our spiritual focus can be when it comes to manifesting.

An interesting coincidence, is that in July of 1856, Nikola Tesla was born, a true visionary and genius, whose inventions defied known reality in the physical realm.  Could it be that his inventions, or others that defy our current known reality, could experience a renaissance?

Please join me on April 10 for our monthly zoom Astrosonics, at 11 am EST, when we will discuss the possibilities and attune ourselves to the highest possible vision and vibration for what is to come from this rare opportunity!

Eclipses 2022!

We are already in eclipse season, and for those with personal planets or angles (ASC, DES, IC, MC) in the fixed signs of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius, will definitely want to pay attention!

If you don’t know how or where to find out whether or not you have these placements, consider an Astrology reading and/or Astrosonics Introduction to discover what’s in store for you this year!  You can now book appointments online by visiting my website Astrology Services or Astrosonics Services, and choose what’s right for you.

For Women Who Want to Upgrade their Life

Please consider joining me in the Garden of Neuro for all sorts of opportunities and connections that elevate your perspective and inspire creativity!  Join me in our next monthly zoom for women on April 17th for a vibrational upgrade addressing the astrological energies of the eclipse season!

Blessings and Magical Manifestations to All,