Virgo Full Moon: Divine Discernment

Virgo Full MoonAs the Virgo Full Moon reflects back to the Pisces Sun the ways in which it navigates conscious and unconscious realms, so too does the INFINITE ONE, reflect back to us our innate ability to move in and out of grace with SOURCE – with the PERFECT UNITY of our divine nature that already is, was, and always will be.

Virgo’s gift is that of conscious discernment.  Pisces gift is that of merging with Source. 

When the two are in balance, they create “divine discernment” that navigates our way through the ebb and flow of life.  Divine discernment teaches us that perfection is an illusion; it is a state that’s never won, and that is because there is no ceiling (glass or otherwise) on Eternity. 

LIFE SOURCE energy is always evolving and expanding.

So no matter how many times we falter, forget, or give in to the illusion that we are inherently flawed, divine discernment reminds us that we are simply evolving, and embracing more of our true nature as we go.

If any narrative within or around attempts to make us believe otherwise about ourselves or this planet, we can call upon Divine Discernment.   

At this Virgo full moon, we are energized to sort out what is divine truth, and what is categorically false. The categorically false demands attention with a voice that repeatedly argues its case.  On the other hand, divine discernment whispers the truth with grace.

As human souls in a physical body, we are empowered to choose differently again, and again, throughout eternity.  Once we work this out, we are totally free…not from making mistakes….because mistakes are merely messengers. 

And divine messages don’t scold, scour, or resort to sarcasm. Instead they use inspiration, humor, self-acceptance, and love, to show us how to proceed from this now moment.  And to trust their gentle whisper of this Eternal TRUTH:

We are already ONE, and we are always FREE.


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Blessings to all,