Saturn and Sedna: Masculine and Feminine Perspectives on Time

As I reflect on the month of May, the eclipses of April 30 and May 16 brought a variety of experiences for many of us.  In my case, it honestly felt like “May”hem !  With my natal Sun at 24 degrees of Scorpio,  the May 16 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse formed a conjunction to it at 25 Scorpio, and brought with it stressful events that ultimately provided rich opportunities for growth.

In the chart of both eclipses there was a square between Saturn at 24 Aquarius and Sedna at 28 Taurus.

At the May 16 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, occurring at 25 Scorpio, the eclipse itself squared off with Saturn, and formed an opposition to Sedna.

With Saturn transiting my 4th house sector of home, family, mother, and emotional foundations, this created events that evoked fear, restrictions, limitations and responsibilities related to home and family.

On Mother’s Day, I had to take my mother to the hospital because she was having difficulty breathing.  I’m grateful that she is now doing much better, and is in rehab regaining strength and stamina daily, but the entire month of May was very rough for our entire family.

A BIG THANK YOU to all friends & family members who’ve been praying and sending healing light for her recovery.  We hope to have her home soon.

My own experience throughout the month of May was deeply cathartic, bringing up a wide range of emotions.  The experience of seeing my mother so ill, losing her strength and independence made me realize how fragile life is, and how suddenly things can change for any one of us.

Although the impact of losing one’s mother is something few of us are ever prepared to face, the realization that she won’t be around forever evoked a lot of sadness and anxiety in me.

My emotions ranged from the extreme of grief, fear, and abandonment, to gratitude for the care and divine orchestration of her recovery process, and overwhelming love for all the support from friends, family, and my own connection to Divine Mother.

Time in May felt like the “Twilight Zone”

For the entire month of May I couldn’t look at astrology let alone analyze cycles or consider anything beyond what was right in front of me.  All I knew was that the eclipse season was putting pressure to bear on my family life, and excavating the darker emotions within my own psyche.

As I reflect now on all that transpired in May, I am able to see with a new set of eyes just what the square between Saturn and Sedna means.

Saturn and Sedna – Masculine and Feminine Perspectives on Time

As stated previously, Saturn and Sedna have been in a square since the April 30 Solar Eclipse, and will remain so until late August.  Since Saturn turned retrograde on June 4 it will retreat to a degree out of range for the square until early 2023 when it makes its 3rd and final square to Sedna before moving into Pisces.

The square between these two planets feels a lot like a dual between two perspectives on time.  One feels masculine, linear, and limiting, while the other feels fluid, multidimensional, and mysterious.

Saturn’s Symbol

Saturn is the taskmaster, externalizing our unresolved issues until we confront our fears, and reclaim our authority.  Known as the “Father of Time” (Saturn-Chronos- chronology), Saturn teaches us to bear our burdens patiently, persevere in our duties and responsibilities, and over (linear) time,  we gain wisdom and reap the rewards.

Sedna’s Symbol

Sedna is the Shaman and Way-shower, who evokes our deepest, darkest fears around abandonment until we remember all of who we are, analogous to the shaman who facilitates soul retrievals.

Sedna’s energy relates to water and the emotions, a much more feminine vibe in which, like water droplets joining together to become an ocean,  our feelings occur all at once, like timelines converging into one.

Once we confront, and feel in order to heal, those darker and more mysterious emotions, we are shown the way forward that allows us to reclaim our spiritual sovereignty, and transcend the rocky road of emotional turbulence.

The interesting correlation between Saturn and Sedna can be found in their symbols. 

The glyph for Saturn depicts the cross of matter above with an open-ended crescent below.

Sedna’s symbol also bears the cross of matter above, and the open-ended crescent below. However, it also has an added sphere on the left side of the cross, representing spirit, and the soul’s connection to infinity.

Saturn’s Perspective on Time

Saturn’s chronological time pertains to a past and tradition that is known, tried, and “true”, but may not actually be the best approach moving forward.  Its energy is patriarchal, and feels like a concrete wall yielding only limitations rather than options, and seeks to dominate by maintaining status quo at any cost.

The irony is that Saturn’s ultimate astrological lesson is to reveal to us the “master within”. The limitations and restrictions symbolized by the cross above that we must carry are meant to concentrate our energy so that we focus and develop self-mastery.

As we become the authors of our own destiny rather than acquiesce to external systems designed to control us, we create a new structure for our lives.  As we form our own structure and “life system”, we provide an example for others to follow when they are dealing with a Saturn transit, and confronting their own limitations and fears.

Sedna’s Perspective on Time

Whereas Saturn’s perspective is based upon the “known” past, Sedna’s perspective is based upon the “unknown” mysteries that simultaneously unite past, present, and future.

As we consider the implications of both planets and their symbolism, it’s helpful to realize that the word “mythos” originally meant “records of the ancient peoples”.  It was later redefined by the Church to mean “stories veering far from any truthfulness”.

In this case, the “Church” can be seen as the entity expressing a Saturnian view of time, and a desire to control the narrative to quell any curiosity about our ancestral past.  Perhaps the Church believed the truth was too complicated for us to understand, and so they decided to reframe the word “mythos”.

On the other hand, Sedna’s energy calls this definition into question by reminding us that the deeper mysteries hold infinite wealth, both materially and spiritually, when we have the courage to explore the great unknown.

As the planet with the longest orbit of 10,000-12,000 years, Sedna invites us to “re”consider, “re”discover, and “re”member who we truly are, and the ancestral lineage from which we originate. The mysterious legends of our past, such as Atlantis and Lemuria, recall a time when the waters rose to extinguish those civilizations.

We might want to ask ourselves why these “legends” exist, and what are we to learn from them?

Spiritual Sovereignty is the Ultimate Goal

Both of these planets offer us the means to “re”structure time in our own lives  – to be sovereign beings accessing divine guidance within rather than obeying an external force imposing its own or another’s doctrine.

Saturn’s masculine (linear and known reality) and Sedna’s feminine (mysterious and unknown reality) must be brought into harmony, and that is going to look and feel different for each human soul.

Sedna teaches us how to transcend duality, and to neutralize our triggers and traumas that lead to a victim-persecutor consciousness.  Her signature is one that pulls the dark into the light, and shines a light into the darkness.

Darkness will always give birth to the light of wisdom when we are able to see divine grace at work in our most challenging times.

Being willing to honor our intuitive guidance (Sedna) while taking concrete steps in that direction (Saturn), is the way to balance masculine and feminine perspectives on time.  Reclaiming our divine birthright as human souls in physical bodies is the way to achieve spiritual sovereignty.

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