Taurus Full Moon: Inner Strength Brings Abundance

Today’s Taurus Full Moon is aspected favorably by three heavy hitting planets: Saturn, Pluto, and Neptune.  Saturn’s contact brings long-lasting rewards to the changes we have been working on for a very long time.  Pluto empowers us to make any other changes this full moon illuminates, and Neptune infuses this Taurus full moon with the soul’s dreams and visions.  The energy is also supported by the 11:11 portal from yesterday, acting as our gateway to higher consciousness.

While the energies from this full moon last 2-4 weeks, it shares certain themes in common with the planet Sedna’s solar return occurring on November 14, 2019, about which I will speak in a separate piece very soon.  The solar return themes last for a year, and Sedna’s message echoes the Taurus Full Moon message: “Be a beautiful voice in the cosmic symphony.”  The Return of Planet Sedna is now available as an audiobook.

With Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun in opposition to the moon, we are reviewing certain elements of our life that have been resistant to change, and being given the opportunity to revise what we need to revise so that we will be ready for 2020.  Come January 14, 2020, we have a huge astrological event.  For the first time in 500 years, Saturn and Pluto will reach an exact conjunction in Capricorn.  By then, Uranus, now retrograde, will also go direct.  This will bring massive change to our worldview and outworn structures built upon faulty foundations.

In essence, our new year started with the Scorpio New Moon a few weeks ago, activating the Taurus-Scorpio axis relating to acquisition and elimination.  What we are acquiring is comfort and beauty that comes from an authentic place inside rather than material gain for the sake of it alone.  What we are eliminating are those situations and associations that do not serve our true path and purpose. If there is anything we find difficult to change, Uranus direct in January will help that move along.

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Sending my very best to all of you,