Sagittarius New Moon: New Cycle of Freedom, Optimism, Creativity

The Sagittarius New Moon that occurred on November 26 begins a new cycle of freedom, optimism, and expansion.  The ruler of this new moon, Jupiter, is conjunct Venus and therefore expands all things related to beauty, creativity, harmony, and resources.  Venus at 0 degrees Capricorn makes a trine to Uranus at 3 degrees Taurus, harmonizing well with the planet of liberation and surprises.  At 4 degrees Sagittarius, the new moon forms a quincunx to Uranus in Taurus, so we have to consider what these two signs have in common.

Venus-ruled Taurus, besides ruling values and resources, also rules the voice.  Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius  seeks higher wisdom and consciousness from a more universal viewpoint.  Together, this signature invites us to expand upon how we add our voice to the cosmic symphony and story unfolding.  Are we speaking our truth for the sake of being right? Or are we genuinely supporting a more harmonious future?

Sagittarius New Moon AstroSound

This theme is evident in the Sedna discovery chart as well as the 2019 solar return chart for Sedna, for which I have now added videos on YouTube.   Sedna’s return reminds us of the important connection we have to water and its symbolic connection to the subconscious realm.

In Chinese medicine water correlates to the kidneys, to the ears and hearing, but also to healing the specific emotion of fear.  The planet’s return is bringing us a golden opportunity signified by a grand sextile that forms the “star of David”. If we truly want a peaceful world, we will need to trust the larger cycles unfolding, transcend trauma and fearful responses based upon our past, so that we can truly be free as we move into the future.

For more information on the return of planet Sedna and what it signifies for our planet’s evolution, order my book and watch Introduction to the Sedna Discovery Chart.  For more information on energies for the upcoming year watch Sedna Solar Return 2019.