When Down is Up and Up is Down, Where do we find the Truth?

As I began to write this newsletter, rain started pouring down while the sun was still shining brightly.  How interesting to experience first-hand Nature’s example of two extremes occurring simultaneously.  It certainly describes the state of our world right now.  In Nature, we will always have the opposites such as light and dark, day and night, etc.  When it comes to polarities in perception, however, these oppositions have become much more extreme.  One promotes hope; the other pushes fear.

I now know why years ago I was seeing the same message over and over again. Two simple words kept appearing before me: NO FEAR.  At that particular time, I didn’t have a reason for this message being communicated to me, but I knew it was important.  It stayed with me so that I could remember it when I needed it the most.  Now more than ever we are being bombarded with messages of fear.

Another more recent experience occurred during a shamanic session with a gifted healer and psychologist, Dr. Harry Pepper.  During that session, two cosmic souls came through and told him, while pointing a finger for emphasis: “Tell her, (and repeated the words), TELL HER, that she has a ‘cosmic safety net’.  That is why she is here, and that is the message she is here to share with others.”

I believe there is no better time to share this message with you, and I hope, if it resonates, you will share it with others. Fear is the antithesis of love and life.  However you visualize or “define” your cosmic safety net is a matter between you and the God of your own heart.   As I see the two extremes that are vying for our attention, one voice arises calmly; the other clamors for our attention.   One advocates life, expansion, human connection and love.  The other perpetuates fear, disconnection, and the diminution of life.  The choice is always a matter of free will.

Voice #1 LOVE | Voice #2 FEAR

Seeks healing and reasons for hope | Replays message of disease &                                                                                                       disaster

Supports natural immunity | Seeks a vaccine to “improve” upon nature

Advocates individual choice | Promotes conformity via vigilantism

Seeks to open economy | Perpetuates economy lockdown

Personal experience informs science  | Science is superior to personal                                                                                                  experience

Seeks freedom of religion and expression | Censors those who do not                                                                                                 conform to narrative

Seeks connection and social gatherings | Closes schools, small businesses                                                                                          &  churches

Seeks to save lives, improve quality of life | Riots & looting ok; condemns                                                                                          peaceful  protests

In this world where down is up and up is down, where do we find the truth?  The answer to that question must be found from within. My own “truth gauge” occurs instantaneously and viscerally, and is validated by way of Divine consultation.   Each one of us has to determine what the truth is by holding counsel with the God of our own heart.  My “truth” is an offering and guidepost, not gospel.  For those who wish to explore the resources with which I personally resonate, I’ve included some links below.

Wishing you Blessings Beyond Measure,


Matisyahu (Matthew Paul Miller)