Why Acutonics®? No needles…just relief!!

Acutonics® combines the benefits of massage and acupuncture in a soothing clothes-on treatment that alleviates pain, reduces inflammation, increases circulation and accelerates the natural healing process.  While there are many acutonics practitioners in the US and abroad, only two certified practitioners reside in Pennsylvania.  To find a certified practitioner near you, go to http://www.acutonics.com/links-resources.php.

Women’s Health

Acutonics can bring relief and regulation back to feminine imbalances, whether menstrual cramps,  hot flashes, night sweats and/or insomnia.

Testimonials from former female clients:
Can’t thank you enough for seeing me, I feel AMAZING!!!!  The “problem” was 100% improved.
Also, my back had been bothering me for months and spread to my hip.  The chiropractor hadn’t made it better…  I knew when I got off the table that my back was better but I wanted to see how it felt the next day.  My lower back bothered me a bit while climbing but NOTHING like before.  My hip feels amazing!!!  I had no idea you could heal that too.  WOW!
Kitty, Atlanta, GA

For at least ten years I suffered from severe and debilitating menstrual cramps that kept me from working.   I had tried everything short of surgery.  After just four acutonics treatments, there was a significant improvement and I no longer had to miss work because of my period.  I have no doubt that this was an answer to my prayers.
S. S., Asheville, NC

Men’s Health

If you suffer from back, neck, shoulder, or joint pain of any kind, acutonics can help.  Of course, this doesn’t apply only to men, but when men make an appointment it’s usually due to pain or limited range of motion.

Testimonials from former male clients:
I was diagnosed with arthritis, and had pain and numbness travel down the left arm that interfered with my work as a cabinet maker.  By the third session, the pain and numbness was gone and there was no “pinching” as I turned my head to the left.  I am most grateful, and highly recommend acutonics to anyone experiencing acute or chronic pain.
Jim, Sarasota, FL

After one treatment, I was amazed at how different I felt.  As a 72 year-old man, my prostate was causing a great deal of discomfort for me and nothing the doctors prescribed was really helping.  I decided to try acutonics, curious but not really knowing what to expect.  Was I ever surprised.  Immediately following the session, I was able to relieve myself completely, unimpeded by the usual “swollen” feeling. I don’t know how it works, but it works!
R.R., Sarasota, FL