Happy New Year 2023! Major Changes on Deck!

A very Happy 2023 New Year to all! I hope you are ready for the changes we’ll be experiencing this year.  This is great news if you have been feeling a sense of “same old, same old”.

If, however, you find it challenging to navigate change, please be gentle with yourself, breathe, and listen to the Winter Solstice Sound Activation and Affirmations to help harmonize your responses and prepare for the year ahead.

It’s important to realize that while we, as humans, experience seasons and solstices every year, Earth has its own larger “galactic” seasons, and is completing a winter solstice of its own where peak darkness is finally giving way to the light.

That “galactic winter” has been unfolding for quite some time;  I feel it has a lot to do with when the Nodes of the Moon were last in Scorpio-Taurus in 2003.

It also corresponds to the year that planet Sedna was discovered, bringing into our conscious awareness the importance of our connection to the water element.

Aspects to Nodes
Sedna conjunct North Node in 2003

The fact that Sedna was conjunct the North Node at the time of its discovery AND when the Nodes returned to Scorpio-Taurus in January 2022 is the astrological equivalent to an exclamation point!!

What is the significance of Water?

Sedna conjunct North Node in January 2022

Winter is associated with the Water Element, and at the time of the Winter Solstice, darkness is at its peak and giving way to the light.

Some of the key Water Element Associations have to do with connection, consciousness, the unknown, imagination, and intuition.

In Chinese Medicine, the Water Element is associated with the kidneys, blood and bones, DNA, our ancestral roots, and the emotion of fear.

Since 2003, we have had an increase in water events around the world; I address this in Part 4: Water’s Unique Nature below.

At the same time we are completing this nodal position, taking us through to mid-July ’23, we will also experience major planetary changes and eclipses, all leading up to the Summer Solstice in June and the nodes shifting signs in mid-July.

winterWhat does this mean? It means we are in the final chapter of a very dark age in Earth’s history ~ Earth’s Galactic Winter.

An age that has thrown us into chaos, confusion, and fear, but is now also giving birth to the dawning of a new age.

Sedna became the Immortal Arctic Sea Woman after experiencing deception, betrayal, and violence at the hands of her father, whom she had called to her side to rescue her. The message:

Even those closest to us are fallible. When we are able to let go of our previous bonds, traditions, judgments, and perceptions, we allow the Source of Infinite Abundance to create a new adventure far beyond what we can imagine for ourselves.

Although the legend of Sedna is a tragic story, it nevertheless holds a great deal of wisdom. Sedna’s ultimate lesson and healing for us is to reclaim our own sovereignty as divine citizens of this beautiful Earth.

Some of the highlights within Sedna’s message have to do with stewardship rather than “possession”; the recognition that all life is imbued with sacred spirit and Source energy.

Even what we believe to be “concrete” is malleable and fluid from the standpoint of energy – even time. Our words are creation in action!!

  Did you know that “abracadabra” means “I create what I speak”?

Being in flow with Infinite Source allows us to live in harmony with our environment and all other beings, which then allows us to live in flow with abundance.

Sedna’s death to her old life and form is what gave birth to the abundant creatures of the land and sea.

Breaking New Ground with Sedna

Sedna’s legend, astronomical discovery, and astrological symbolism, are consistent with creating a brand new legend.

The complete breaking away from her past “mortal” life enabled her to become the immortal figure still honored in present day Inuit Culture.

As the planet most distant from Earth, Sedna impacts our civilization in far greater ways than we can fully understand and appreciate at present.

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Sedna’s Shift into Gemini on June 15

When a planet so far from Earth shifts into a new sign, it is monumental.  Gemini is versatile, adaptable, and curious.

As the planet with an orbit stretching out 10,000-12,000 years shifting into a sign that governs the human mind, it is my hope that we will finally begin asking the right questions about our history and our destiny.

I hope you will consider listening to the following series of short videos that address this topic, and join me in the adventure of 2023!

Part 1: Earth’s Galactic Winter – intro

Part 2: How to Transcend Scorpio’s endless Death and Rebirth Cycle (Scorpio South Node affects us all)

Part 3: Which Polarity and Element are You?. In order to harmonize our extreme responses, we need to understand the polarities, and it helps to get to know our dominant element as well.

Part 4: Water’s Unique Nature and How it Affects Us All (hint: associated with winter) and the earth and our bodies are 80% water.

Part 5: Planetary Shifts in 2023 – something every month right up to and through the Summer Solstice

The information contained is a general description, so if you’d like to know what will impact you specifically, you can schedule an astrology reading to take a look at what the new year holds for you!.  Please visit this link.

2023 Planetary Shifts

Mid-January: Mars and Mercury turn Direct – forward motion that feels like the real “new year”

February 17: Transiting Nodes of the Moon create a grand cross with USA Nodes of the Moon

March, 7, 23, 25: Saturn, Pluto, and Mars all move into a new sign (Saturn in Pisces, Pluto in Aquarius, Mars in Cancer)

April-May: Eclipses accelerate change in the area of life affected in your natal chart

May 16: Jupiter moves into Taurus

June 15: Sedna moves into Gemini

July 17: Nodes of the Moon move into Libra-Aries