February 2023 Astrology: Lead with the Inner Child

FebruaryFebruary’s astrology begins with a Leo Full Moon on Feb. 5th revealing a funnel pattern that is pouring energy into the moon itself.

This pattern reminds me of the quote “a little child will lead them”, but in this case it is our heart center being led by the child within.

The full moon reflects back to the sun how well we’ve been implementing the changes initiated at the time of the Aquarius New Moon on January 21st.

Depending on how well we respond to the T-square from the planetary ruler Uranus, we may continue dealing with unexpected developments as we head into the Pisces full moon on February 20.

Harmonious aspects from the Leo Full Moon to Mars in Gemini, and a Jupiter-Chiron conjunction in Aries, are also supporting the healing of our individuality, autonomy, and independence, providing the courage and conviction to let our heart lead the way.

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Nodal Grand Cross February 17

February Grand CrossOn February 17, we have an exact grand cross in the fixed signs involving transiting Taurus-Scorpio nodes and the USA’s natal nodes in Leo-Aquarius.

The theme for this grand cross is particularly interesting because of the shared qualities between the USA’s natal South Node (SN) in Aquarius and transiting SN in the 11th house.

South Node Karmic Patterns within Groups

Both the sign of Aquarius and the 11th house transit deal with community, social causes, and group thinking.

When it comes to the SN energy, the themes are seen through the lens of karmic debris that offers a choice to either repeat the past or learn from it and move toward the uncharted destiny represented by the NN.

The 11th house transit is triggering the USA’s natal SN in Aquarius, sweeping up karmic debris for us to review and decide.  The karmic past is a worn out groove, like a broken record, that seeks to bind us to the group narrative or zeitgeist.

If we continue listening to it, we will seek to fit in rather than take a risk and strike out on our own as the Leo NN requires.

North Node Destiny is Leadership

The USA’s North Node (NN) in Leo in the natal 8th house symbolizes shining a light (Leo) in the dark (8th house).  The 8th house governs hidden mysteries and taboo subjects most people do not want to know about, let alone consciously address or process.

The Leo NN represents the inner child that must lead with the heart, and relinquish concerns about what other people think or how they might react.  Most children really don’t care who’s around; they express themselves spontaneously and without inhibition; it’s usually innocent and playful.

Since we are talking about the NN, Leo is seen through a positive lens rather than a karmic one, so the energy of innocence, spontaneity, and childlike trust are exactly what we need to lead, because it encourages and inspires others to leave the past behind.

With the current Taurus NN transiting the USA’s 5th house, the desire for leadership, creative self-expression and strong will is greatly emphasized, while Taurus calls us to build economic and environmental security by becoming more self-sufficient.

The Four Guardians of Heaven – Lion, Bull, Human, and Eagle

13th C. depiction of Christ surrounded by emblems of the four evangelists: ivory plaques on a wooden Cologne (Musée de Cluny).

It is also interesting to know that the fixed signs creating this grand cross with the USA are referred to in ancient texts as the four guardians of heaven: the lion (Leo), bull (Taurus), human (Aquarius), and eagle (Scorpio).

Generally speaking, this suggests that any tendency seeking to kick up the past in an attempt to repeat it will be swept away.

Squares create outer events that wake us up and shake us out of unconscious behaviors, which is a SN tendency.


This grand cross is more than likely a turning point that provides motivation as we make our way toward fulfilling the NN destiny.

Pisces New Moon February 20

February Pisces New Moon By Feb. 20, we have harmonious aspects between the Pisces New Moon and both of the transiting nodes.

There is a trine from transiting SN in Scorpio and a sextile from transiting NN in Taurus. This suggests that we are supported as we shift our attention from the past and focus on our future.

Pisces has a dissolving effect, and this new moon offers us a chance to reflect on the collective energy we inherited from the Age of Pisces out of which we are currently evolving.

Dissolving Karmic Debris as We Dream

The Age of Pisces is an old paradigm symbolized by the martyr, savior, and/or victim mentality, one in which we operated with the notion that we needed someone to rescue us.

It was also an age where the very feelings that prompted our need for being rescued were caused by our own habits of getting “swept up and swept out to sea” by others’ emotional responses.

The positive expression of Pisces is recognizing that our connection to each other, symbolized by the ocean, ironically is what teaches us why we need to “save ourselves” before trying to rescue another. It’s important to secure our own life boat first, because when we seek to rescue another without it, we usually end up drowning.

Dare to Dream

Another positive expression of the Pisces energy is dreaming, imagining, and envisioning what we want our world to look like.

As we move from the Leo Full Moon to the Pisces New Moon, it’s important to remember what they both have in common:  creativity.

Together, these two lunar cycles are inspiring us to express our child-like wonder, and trust the power of our own imagination and vision to co-create with the divine realm a world where peace and prosperity abound for us all.

There can be no doubt that we are evolving, and 2023 is a year of monumental change. If you have not watched the 2023 update, please click this link.

It is my desire to support each of you with the most positive outcome as you navigate your life.

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