Aquarius Full Moon: How Have We Intellectualized what the Heart Simply Knows as Truth?

The Full Moon that occurs on July 23, at 10:37 pm EDT, sits in a wide conjunction between Pluto at 25 Capricorn and Saturn at 10 Aquarius.  Both of these planets are retrograde, and applying energy to the moon in a bit of a squeeze.

Aquarius is the sign of the “outsider”, who may be, or feel, eccentric, or have eccentric interests that don’t always mesh well with mainstream views.  They are deeply caring humanitarians, but express it more intellectually than would a Pisces moon, for example.

Aquarius Full Moon
Full Moon between Pluto and Saturn

In this case, we have the “outsider” sandwiched in between two heavyweights, Pluto and Saturn, so the release valve for this pressure is applied through the Leo Sun.

The Sun in Leo feels right at home, likes to take center stage, and bring things out into the open, shining a light for all to see. The moon likes to keep things hidden until it feels safe and secure.

With the pressure coming from Pluto and Saturn, this full moon is asking the question: “how have we intellectualized what the heart simply knows as truth?”

Aquarius in Social Gatherings

Aquarius Poetry
Evolve by Jennifer Gehl for the Aquarian 11th House

The lower vibration of Aquarius may keep personal perspectives hidden if they are afraid it will rock the boat or offend their peers.  They love social gatherings, and want to feel accepted, so they seek to please others if even it means hiding their personal truth to do so.

The higher vibration of Aquarius learns to embrace their own eccentricity, and express their unique perspective without apology.  It’s not about insulting or offending anyone.  Rather it’s about stating their truth simply and honestly, without the need to defend.

This full moon will be shaking these energies loose for sure, and it’s helpful to remember that we all have two voices: intellectual and intuitive.  The intellect likes to debate and defend what the heart simply knows is true.

Aquarius Full Moon
Mercury-Pluto Opposition

Finding the balance within our own heart and mind is the key to managing these energies, and at this full moon, Mercury, which rules the mind, occupies 21 Cancer in opposition to Pluto Rx at 25 Capricorn.

This signifies an opportunity for powerful transformation.  Very few of us like to change our minds, and fewer still ever enjoy being shown where they may have made a miscalculation.  When Mercury joins the Sun in Leo on July 28, there will be an opportunity for uniting mind and heart.

Venus and Jupiter Opposition

Aquarius Full Moon
Venus-Jupiter Opposition

We also have an opposition between Venus in Virgo and Jupiter Rx, still in Pisces until July 28.  Venus in Virgo loves nature, nourishment, health-related activities, and efficiency.

Jupiter in Pisces expands higher mind awareness through mystical experiences and dreams.

Together, these energies are inviting us to find the mystical in our encounters with nature.  This applies not just to nature outdoors, but also the nature within our own being as characterized and described in our natal chart.  Virgo is able to discern the fine details, while Pisces dreams and imagines the oneness of unity consciousness.

To balance these two extremes isn’t easy.  As an earth sign, Virgo is practical.  As a water sign, Pisces is psychically sensitive.  How do we discern what’s real and true?  The answer is a very personal one, which is why it is so important that we understand our own nature and, without apology, give expression to it.

Neptune and Pallas in Pisces: the Spiritual Warrior

It bears repeating that “without apology” does not mean singling someone out with an opposing viewpoint to silence, insult, demean, or offend them. On the contrary, it means that when we completely embody our truth it needs no one else’s agreement or approval.  Expressing one’s inner truth quite often flies in the face of mainstream narrative.

Aquarius Full Moon
Neptune and Pallas Conjunction

At this full moon, the conjunction of Pallas and Neptune in Pisces symbolizes the spiritual warrior. The mark of a true spiritual warrior is one who leads by example and understands that what they do and say has ripple effects in the collective.

Diversity in unity means that everyone gets a voice.  No voice gets silenced just because it holds a different perspective than those who seek to control it.

Our “Medicine” Must Include Every Voice

This pattern of silencing the messenger is analogous to what mainstream medicine has been doing to the body for decades if not longer.  Silence the “symptom” with medication or surgery instead of looking at the entire body and how the organs support each other.

Symptoms related to illness and disease are messengers that let us know when something in the body (Virgo) has gone out of balance. Perhaps at this Aquarius Full Moon we can begin to look honestly at the overall symptoms our collective body, the Earth, is trying to tell us.  More importantly, perhaps we can begin to listen to all of her voices rather than just a few.

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