The Science of Living in Harmony

When it comes to living in harmony, physical health is at the root, but it is only one branch of the full human experience. Science focuses on the physical body, but the body must be nourished by our emotional, mental, and spiritual receptivity. For the last year we’ve been indoctrinated with the words “trust the science.”  So it might be helpful to remember that science is defined as “a systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation.”

What is the Purpose of Science?

It also might be helpful to remember that the “physical and material world” is our natural world – the Earth and all living creatures.   And the purpose of science, or any subject for that matter, should be undertaken with the purpose of enhancing our natural life experience.  If something is not life-renewing, then it is serving a purpose in direct opposition to life, which degenerates.

Environmental scientists know this by studying the eco-systems around the world. The only challenge the natural world encounters is the viewpoint that it doesn’t know what it’s doing and requires human intervention to “improve upon nature”.

Nature knows how to revitalize life, restore balance, and heal itself.  So do our bodies when we allow what we take in through observation to expand beyond merely the material realm.  Our emotional, mental, and spiritual faculties support the body in its capacity to restore harmony.  And we need all components present in order to make appropriate choices for ourselves.

Scientists are Human Beings

What we seem to have forgotten is that scientists are human beings, and no one person can possibly know what is best for every other human being. Nature does. More importantly, Nature supports every unique life on this planet, including the human species. At this point, it might behoove us to ask ourselves which is preferable: “To be the one making observations that affect our own life, or to be the subject in someone else’s experiment?”

Polarization Causes Disharmony

When any subject becomes one-sided it creates polarity, and that polarity creates an imbalance. If left unchecked that imbalance creates and spreads disease.   Scientific advancement must include the intellect and intuitive instincts. Formal education is important, but it is one-sided in terms of focusing on the intellect.

My formal education taught me how “to do” things.  My Bachelor’s in Music taught me how to play the violin, and my Master’s in Health Sciences taught me how to conduct research and write papers. But neither of these degrees taught me how “to relate” what I had learned to my personal experience.

Astrology Navigates while Nature Guides

For the last four decades, astrology has been my tool for navigating life’s inevitable ups and downs, the transformative changes requiring adjustments on every level: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. But Nature has been the real teacher – the lens through which I make my observations and determine what is best for my life. There is no wiser scientist, nor more exquisite artist.

The science of living in harmony is the art of knowing oneself and trusting the wisdom found in Nature, in both the environment and our personal nature within.   Living in harmony is not the absence of disease or dissonance, for those experiences summon more life force. And this grand laboratory in which we all live and breathe is the Earth. We would do well to remember that what we do on this planet has reverberating effects in this world and beyond.

To Life and All its Natural Beauty,


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