United States of Awareness

United we stand, divided we fall.  Truer words were never spoken.  How do we unite?  I can tell you that it won’t happen by micro managing every action or controlling every word spoken by the individuals who live in this country.  It also won’t happen by trying to erase every deed done throughout history that might offend a segment of our population.

Are there faulty foundations? Absolutely.  Has there been injustice and cruelty?  Without a doubt.  But where the fault lies and with whom is a major source of controversy, and the lid belonging to that pot is about to be blown sky high.

July 4, 2021 Chart

Depending upon how we value our independence, the astrology for this July 4th will include “the big reveal”, and will be particularly welcomed by those who do value civil liberty, personally, nationally, and globally.

The ongoing square between Saturn (authority) and Uranus (liberty) continues.  In today’s chart, however, Uranus at 13 Taurus is joined by the moon (public psyche).  At the same time we have Mars and Venus joining up in Leo, forming an opposition to Saturn.  Together they form a T-square that will bring definitive change.

T-squares motivate and manifest, and this one signifies the revolution we are certainly undergoing.  Taurus represents values, relationships, resources, and a desire for economic security and environmental stability.

When we look at the rulership of the T-Square this tells us who has the dominant voice. Saturn (authority) in Aquarius (groups) must defer to Uranus (liberator).

Uranus and the moon in Taurus must defer to Venus in Leo, which signifies a desire to shine and be heard.  Combined with Mars (ambition, action, and courage), many more will be speaking out against authoritative oppression, censoring, and instead rise up and stand for individual expression (Leo).

A “going along to get along” attitude will likely be met with impatience by many, and may in fact be drowned out by the majority who seek to reestablish personal power and freedom of expression.

The mind always complicates what the heart simply knows. Words can be censored – eclipsed from publications and media, as well as censured – met with stern disapproval and dismissal.  The heart is a different story.

The Heart Unites

The heart always makes its desires known, yet it unites the mind and soul.  If consciously addressed and expressed, that person feels better even when others challenge or disagree.  If they remain silent and suppressed, an outlet is usually found through illness of some kind.

With Venus in Leo directing the action of Uranus and the moon in Taurus, it means that courageous hearts will not remain silent. On the opposite side, we have Saturn in Aquarius representing authority expressed through scientific means and group psychology.

Some of it supports healthy advancement, but much of it has an entirely different agenda.  This will all come to light in divine timing.  In the meantime, let’s have a look at science.

“Examining” Science

Since science has had such a public and dominant voice lately, it’s important to remember what it is: “a systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation.”

It’s time to ask ourselves which is preferable…to be in someone else’s laboratory where another scientist is conducting experiments on us, or to be the scientist in our own laboratory, making evaluations based upon our own experience.

The physical world encompasses not just the material and mechanistic world under a microscope.  It is also the magical encounters experienced within our natural world – all the elements, plants, and animals.  They represent things we know and feel instinctually.

5th House Overarching Theme Unites the Past with the Present

Sedna Discovery with Leo Rising and rulers of Nodes in 5th House.

This Leonine energy is also the overarching theme for our changing age from Pisces to Aquarius, and is also discussed in my book, newsletters and talks on Sedna.

Briefly repeated here, Leo is the rising sign in Sedna’s discovery chart, and Sedna’s North and South Node rulers form a conjunction in the 5th house.

In Sedna’s mythology, we have an Inuit girl who met with deception, trickery, and calamity at the hands of those she trusted to protect her.

Sedna’s death and transformation signifies shamanic initiation from mortal to immortal, and the powerful role unconscious emotions play in our collective evolution.

Her connection to water, associated with the kidneys, fear, and human DNA, underscores the important role ancestral traumas, genetic memory, and DNA have in our natural evolution toward becoming superconscious individuals.

Over the next year Leo energy is carried forth in the solar return chart for the USA, and this ensures that the heart of a united people will be expressed and heard.

USA Solar Return 2021

The USA’s natal North Node occupies Leo and is “fertilized” by the union of the Mars/Venus conjunction in the solar return chart, and is underscored by the solar return Sun in the 5th house.  Leo North Node placement represents a destiny of dreams-come-true.

USA Solar Return 2021

There has never been, nor will there ever be, a world where Nature favors the intellect over the heart. Nature is art, science, instinct, and spirit combining everyday to create wonder, magic and miracles.

She reveals these marvels in every species, element, and human being.  I celebrate her independence today, with yours, mine, and ours, in this land of liberty – the United States of Awareness.

Blessings of Joy, Abundance, and Freedom,


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