Learn Astrology Basics, Listen to Planetary Frequencies, and Discover Your Personality Type

Living in Your Element Course is presented “LIVE” and Virtually

If you’ve ever wondered why you feel drawn to certain people and situations while having an aversion to others, this is the right course for you!

As a Water sign, I have often felt like a “fish out of water”.  Learning astrology was the one thing that truly helped me understand why I felt that way, who I truly am, and helped me gain confidence in my own ability to trust my instincts.

Learn Astrology basics while experiencing planetary frequencies, gain confidence in your own innate wisdom, and discover what you already know.  REGISTER NOW and pay $79. After September 9 pay $99

As part of Astrosonics YOUniversity, this course will support the learning process by introducing you to the planetary frequencies pertaining to your particular sign and dominant element.

Sound is a powerful mechanism for quickly delivering answers to you by circumventing the logical mind.  When we feel things they become “real” to us, and open the dialog with our intuitive senses and wisdom.

What Astrology is NOT

Astrology could never substitute our connection with the Source of All Creation. 

In fact, astrology solidified my faith in the Creator because it has shown me, time and time again, that there is an Omniscient Presence in ALL living things, an Infinite Intelligence that unconditionally loves all life.

If you have ever felt like you don’t fit in, don’t know who to trust, or simply want to understand who you are on a deeper level, this course will provide answers.

Living in Your Element will meet on five Tuesday evenings, from 6:30-8:30 pm EST, both “live” and virtually. Once you’ve registered, a zoom link will be sent to you unless you choose to attend in person.  All classes will be recorded.  REGISTER NOW AND SAVE

Course Schedule and Content

Register Now and Pay ONLY $79!!  After September 9, the fee is $99.

I look forward to meeting you, and introducing you to YOURSELF in a whole new Light and Frequency!

Blessings Always,