Astrosonics Upcoming Events

Astrosonics World of HarmonyJust a quick note about upcoming events.  This Sunday, 3/13, at 11 AM, Astrosonics World of Harmony, is open to all who wish to join for an upgrade in vibration in preparation for the Virgo Full Moon on 3/18, at 3:17 am EST.  LINK TO JOIN

Join us as we discuss current energies, attune ourselves with the planetary cycles, and align our thoughts with positive affirmations!

Join Us in the Garden

Every third Sunday, just for women, we meet in the Garden of Neuro.  Women are free to join Astrosonics World of Harmony on March 20, at 11 AM EST: MEETING LINK .

You do not need to be a Garden member, but we welcome you to do so – it’s free to join.  Join the Garden HERE.

Here are a just a few responses and experiences shared by those who attend:

That was so beautiful, Jen 💜 Thank you so much! ~ L.B., Finland

This Astrosonics has me vibrating higher! It soothes my soul and opens the possibilities of manifestation for my highest good.  Love that you share your gifts with us Jennifer. May you continue to be blessed with prosperity and insight to the Universal wisdom of the Ancients. Thank you! ~ T.L., Pennsylvania

Beautiful. The music, the words! Thank you. ❤️🙏🌱 ~ N.A., Arizona

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Introduction to Astrosonics

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Hope to see you soon!

Blessings of the Highest Vibration,