Extraordinary Times call for Extraordinary Measures!!

Yesterday was an extraordinary day!  February 22, ’22, (222222), opened the gateway for much needed transformation on our planet!  After a 248-year tour through the zodiac, Pluto returned to its original position in the USA chart drawn up for July 4, 1776, and this conjunction is preparing us for the upcoming eclipses in April and May, as well as the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in April.

While Pluto’s status remains in debate among astronomers, there is no questioning its influence in our lives as an astrological teacher about the ethical use of power.

Pluto eliminates and purifies all that no longer serves the SOUL.  And in this case, it is eliminating what no longer serves the soul of our nation.  As we in the USA are experiencing this deep transformation, so too will humanity around the world.  Consider where there is transformation and change occurring in your life and take advantage of this powerful gateway with Astrosonics.

Eight ExtraordinaryAstrology Sound Activation applied to the Eight Extraordinary Vessels can help you establish more graceful change in your life that facilitates peace in our world through the process of resonance and reverberation.

Consider Astrosonics Services to assist you in navigating change with ease.


What Clients are Saying about Astrosonics!

Jennifer thank you for the beautiful healing session, starting with your heartfelt prayer and calling in the angels, creating a safe space, to the sacred healing sounds of the Tibetan bowls and the amazing feeling of total relaxation as you balanced my energy from head to toes with your tuning forks.  Today I woke with no headache and feeing so relaxed and grounded in my body! I feel so grateful to you for providing the most needed healing work for the issues people are facing today. Wow Jennifer you truly are a gem! Thank you so much you are an 😇 on the 🌎 ! ~ Suzanne P., Pennsylvania

I have begun working with the harmonic blends and love them in combination with the Healing Intentions.  The first time through I turned each intention into “I AM” statements and said them out loud while in a meditative and receptive state.  I particularly love some of them and feel the Pluto-Neptune Yod is very supportive of the home renovation for creating space for a baby grand piano (creative arts) and also moving our dining to an area where I can always see the creek (connecting with Divine through nature).  

Thank you again for your unique contributions and uplifting Spirit..Peace and joy to you! ~ K.S., Florida

When the session began, I felt an activation in my spine moving up through the crown chakra, opening up the energy.  Then I saw an energetic muzzle around my jaw and throat begin to disintegrate.  Next I saw my pelvic area change from dark and “dusty” to being filled with light.  At one point during the session, I remember seeing myself under what felt like a death shroud (translucent cloth) that held within it the promise of rebirth. 

As Jennifer began to activate the second channel, my ancestors came through and said “This is for YOU, receive it and take it in, no matter what anyone else in your family decides to do.”  I felt my heart center opening, becoming lighter and lighter.  As she applied the tuning forks down my spine, I could feel areas of pain that dissipated by the third pass, and also pain in my right arm that went away as she worked in that area.

Jennifer, best to you, and thank you for this transformational healing session with you! ~ M.H., Boston, MA

Astrosonics World of HarmonyLISTEN! Astrology Sound Activation and Affirmations

Moon to Saturn trine:

I now take full responsibility for my emotions so that I may master their expression for my highest good and the highest good of all.

Moon to Mars/Venus square:

I respond to any tension between my emotional desires and their manifestation in the world by remembering that the tension is simply a messenger, showing me where I have abandoned my own needs.

Mars/Venus exact conjunction:

My inner divine masculine and feminine are perfectly united and fertilizing my future with integrity, beauty, and vitality.

Sun/Jupiter conjunction:

I now receive without delay all of the abundant blessings and opportunities with which the universe is blessing me for my highest good and the highest good of all.

Jupiter/Uranus sextile exact:

I now hold the expectation, and take full advantage, of the happy surprises of abundance that are unfolding for me now for my highest good and the highest good of all.

Pluto/Sedna trine:

I now allow the excavation and renovation of my ego’s perspective and landscape so that the highest and best expression of my full potential and power may be expressed for the highest good of all.

Mercury with Juno conjunction:

Any contracts or invitations that I agree to take on must now serve my highest good and the highest good of all.

Ceres/Pallas sextile:

I now recognize and practice the difference between love that enables emotional addictions and love that teaches healthy boundaries for my highest good and the highest good of all.

Chiron/Pallas conjunction:

I now heal the warrior goddess within who leads with peace and wisdom, and who knows how to establish healthy boundaries.

Vesta/Pluto conjunction:

I hold within me the sacred flame of divine will and power so that everything I do and say transpires for my highest good and the highest good of all.

Extraordinary 7 Blessings!

Over the last 8 years Simran Singh has been writing a series that covers the human multidimensional experience.

An incredible alchemical process occurred during immense grief that led to her awareness of a ladder of consciousness that is shared within her series of books called Living, Being, Knowing.

Simran’s exquisite work is expressed straight from the heart of her own experience.  Her presence on this Earth is a gift to be cherished by all, and her words inspire and support our world through life’s challenges, obstacles, chaos and change.

Buy it today and Live, Be, and KNOW who you truly are as a divine, multidimensional being of light!!

Blessings to all across all time, space and dimensions! ❤️ 🙏