August 22 Aquarius Full Moon: Information Download…Did Someone Flip a Switch?


Aquarius Full Moon Aug 22
Aquarius Full Moon on August 22

On August 22, we have our second Aquarius Full Moon at 29 degrees, bringing the energy of Aquarius to its fullest intensity.  The chart for this full moon features a grand air trine, providing a flow of information that is completely unfettered and unobstructed.

Add to that the fact that Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, and it is in harmony with Mars, physical energy and Mercury, personal mind.

Last month’s Aquarius Full Moon on July 23rd, occurred at 1 degree of the sign, initiating the first drops of information flowing out.  Now, at this second full moon with its grand air trine, the floodgates are opening wide.

In between these two Aquarian full moons, we had the Lion’s Gate Leo New Moon, in which our solar system aligned with the star system Sirius, analogous to the higher octave of our solar system’s Sun.

What these energies mean for us is that the door to our past is closing dramatically so that a new and more harmonious future can be established for all life on this planet.  Now is the time for us to awaken to, and stay connected with, our spiritual “technology”, far more powerful than any other form of technology.

Grand Air Trine

Door to the Future
Grand Air Trine with Venus, Saturn, and North Node

The grand air trine between Venus in Libra, Saturn in Aquarius, and North Node in Gemini, signifies an easy flow of information.

Venus in Libra magnetizes fairness and equality; Saturn in Aquarius Rx (retrograde) reexamines the source of control and limitations to humanity’s freedom, asking the people (Aquarius) to be the master of their own destiny.

The North Node in Gemini represents where the collective mind is heading and, in Gemini, asks us to make a very clear choice.  Gemini, symbol of the twins, tends to see things in black and white.

In this case, as the guiding star or “true north” toward a better future, this is exactly what is needed at this time.

Mercury is Pivotal and Powerful at this Full Moon

Mercury and Mars in Virgo form a trine to Uranus in Taurus

In this chart, Mercury is really pivotal because it rules our North Node in Gemini, makes a conjunction to Mars, and forms an exact trine to Uranus.  Mercury rules the personal mind, and in these aspects it’s like someone is flipping the switch for individuals to access higher consciousness.

Ruler of North Node in Gemini

As ruler of the North Node, Mercury in Virgo assists us in sorting and sifting through all the information so that we can decipher what is valuable and what is not.  The NN in Gemini reminds us that a clear choice must be made; there is no gray area as we move forward. One path takes us back down the well-traveled road of the past, while the other leads us toward a much brighter future.

Conjunct Mars, Trine Uranus in Earth Signs

Combined with Mars, Mercury unites the mind and physical energy to fulfill Virgoan health and healing.  Together, these two form a trine with Uranus in Taurus, which signifies our revolution of values and wealth.  The Uranian energy combined in harmony with these two planets, is analogous to someone flipping a switch and turning on higher consciousness for all who are ready to receive.

The recognition dawns that our true wealth – and technology –  lies within our own spiritual awakening and connection.

Transiting Neptune Opposes the USA’s Neptune – Sea Change in Perception

USA’s Neptune conjoined by transiting Mercury; opposed by transiting Neptune

At the same time, we have Neptune forming an exact opposition to Neptune in the USA chart.  Furthermore, the USA’s Neptune in Virgo is conjoined by transiting Mercury at 18 Virgo.

Neptune opposing itself represents a “sea change” in perception, bringing an era of deception to a dramatic conclusion, while the conjunction from Mercury helps us decipher truth from fiction.

This especially applies to Virgo’s realm of health and healing.

Aquarius Full Moon and Jupiter Conjunct the USA’s Moon

August 22 Full Moon and Jupiter conjunct USA Moon

If the above connections aren’t revealing enough, this Aquarian Full Moon at 29 degrees also makes a conjunction to the USA’s Moon at 27 Aquarius.

This is highly significant!!  This conjunction, combined with retrograde Jupiter’s magnification and expansion, is re-minding us who we are as a nation, founded upon freedom and independence.

With both our moon and South Node in the sign of Aquarius, the USA was born and established with the soul of a rebel.  Our founders freed us from British oppression.

Also significant is that Jupiter rules the current sky’s South Node in Sagittarius, (opposite Gemini North Node), and Sagittarius represents foreign influence.  Retrograde Jupiter has us revisiting past conditions and situations where these influences were instigated to undermine freedom rather than help its cause.

Aquarius Full Moon forms a T-Square with Sedna

Sun and Moon form an exact square to Sedna

Last but not least, we have a T-square taking place at this full moon with planet Sedna.  With the Sun at 29 Leo, and the moon at 29 Aquarius, this forms an exact square with Sedna at 29 Taurus.

While Neptune’s cycle affected us for decades, Sedna’s cycle represents a much longer cycle – multiple millennia – during which the Earth has endured cataclysmic events.

After approximately 12,000 years, Sedna’s return is truly monumental, and represents the crossroads humanity now faces as citizens of this planet and of the Cosmos as well.

Remembering a Brighter Future

Contrary to appearances in the physical world, Sedna is reminding us that our immortal souls’ connection to divine technology is the way to break the cycle of cataclysmic events causing more chaos, destruction, famine, and disease.

And all of the astrological aspects included in this full moon signify our wake up call remember, and reconnect with, our forgotten spiritual gifts.

We are at a very distinct fork in the road where we must choose to either “continue doing what we’ve always done and get the same results” or dramatically change our way of life  – our inner lives.  Sedna’s path is shamanic, which means that we also have to face our dark and scary past before we can be truly free.

In Sedna’s myth, confessions of the people were necessary for healing and restoring the bounty of this sacred Earth. These confessions must be “aired” out; they must be heard, and the grand air trine at this full moon will facilitate that opportunity.

Indeed, this Aquarius Full Moon is replete with opportunity.  We can move through this more easily by staying connected to our inner sight, and re-visioning a lighter, brighter future for all life on our planet.

Astrology Integrates Science, Intuition, and Spiritual Understanding

Astrology lives within us, even when we don’t understand its symbolic language.  The hermetic axiom “as above so below, as within so without” is as relevant today as it was when introduced by Hermes Trismegistus.

Understanding who we are through this language is a sacred undertaking, but so very worthwhile.  My mission and passion is to awaken these energies, and the wisdom within you, through the power of sound.  Please join my community.

Astro-Sound Oracle for the August 22 Full Moon

Excerpt from The Science of Planetary Signatures in Medicine:

This book is dedicated to all souls whose ancient self already knows what is written on and in between these pages, but may have forgotten. When darkness seems to divide us, there is a light inextinguishable guiding us back to connection, and a voice that calls us ever toward harmony. (dedication)

Excerpt from The Return of Planet Sedna:

…we can choose to explore the world of myth and mystery.  In doing so, we may not only learn that our past requires redefining but also that our present moment contains endless possibilities for a brighter future. (p. 6)

May we re-vision a much brighter future for humanity,