Virgo New Moon: Our Beliefs around Health are Changing

Astrology tells a story as it’s unfolding in real time, but it’s important to realize that we all have a say in how this story unfolds. This Virgo New Moon not only represents a new cycle and relationship to our health and the body, the realm of Virgo, it also represents a new cycle in our nation’s evolution.  This new moon activates the 9th house in the USA chart, the realm having to do with beliefs, religion, philosophy, seeking inspiration and the meaning of life.

It also has to do with seeing the “big picture” of the story that is unfolding, the forest rather than the trees.  In the USA chart, this holds greater importance because it is the natural domain of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, and Jupiter rules the USA’s chart because Sagittarius is on the Ascendant (ASC).

Square from Virgo New Moon to USA’s Ascendant

The ASC is at 12 degrees Sagittarius, and this Virgo New Moon makes a square to our ASC, which motivates us to resolve how we “dawn upon the world” and relate to other countries.

Because our 9th house is Jupiter’s natural domain, and Jupiter rules our ASC, its movement is all the more significant to our evolutionary journey. What we believe as a people impacts the rest of the world as well.

Jupiter Aspects at this New Moon

Jupiter conjunct USA’s moon

Conjunct USA’s Moon in Aquarius

Jupiter Rx at 24 Aquarius continues the story it began at the recent full moon on August 22, when Jupiter conjoined both the full moon and the USA’s moon at 27 Aquarius.  Currently at 24 Aquarius (moving retrograde), Jupiter is still conjunct the USA moon by a 3-degree orb.  This conjunction is magnifying the belief that our emotional security and ancestral foundations were built upon the principles of freedom and independence (Aquarius).

Grand Air Trine with USA’s Mars

Grand Air Trine formed with USA’s Mars

The USA’s Mars at 21 Gemini completes a grand air trine with this New Moon’s Jupiter Rx at 24 Aquarius and Venus at 25 Libra.  Grand trines are extremely beneficial, and even more so when involving Mars, Venus, and Jupiter.  Mars and Venus represent harmony of the opposites, while Jupiter enhances their cooperation through the trine.

The fact that this trine takes place in the air element means that what is being enhanced is the thought process and digital communication.  Mars in Gemini activates personal choice; Venus in Libra, already strong because it’s in its own sign, naturally attracts fairness and equality.  Jupiter in Aquarius expands our need for independent thinking and social reform.

Quincunx between Jupiter and Mars

New Moon Chart’s Quincunx between Mars and Jupiter

Another aspect within the New Moon chart itself involves an exact quincunx between Mars at 24 Virgo and Jupiter at 24 Aquarius.  Quincunxes feel awkward, like a “pebble in the shoe” feeling that asks to be rectified.  When Virgo and Aquarius are combined, we have to look for the common ground between them.

The low vibe of these energies lends itself to an over-analysis of our situation at the expense of human compassion and connection, while the high vibe of the two holds the potential to find creative solutions to our current health related dilemma.

Where Virgo seeks purification and efficiency related to the body, Aquarius seeks innovative solutions that benefit humanity.  They both have “systems’ in common, Virgo’s realm is the body system and Aquarius’s realm is social science, so together this aspect can help bring about reform to our healthcare system.

Aquarius also seeks freedom and independence from entrenched systems that tend towards oppression, so any solution will need to support individual freedom as well as humanity on the whole.

Virgo New Moon Opposing USA’s Sedna

Virgo New Moon opposition to USA’s Sedna

Another very telling aspect at this New Moon involves the opposition of the Sun and Moon at 14 Virgo to the USA’s Sedna at 15 Pisces.  Sedna’s energy tells the story of Earth’s ancient history of global cataclysms and emotional trauma seeking healing and transcendence.  In the USA’s chart specifically, this energy has occurred in the 3rd sector of information and communication.

On the low vibe side, Sedna in Pisces signifies major deception with a very long history that has managed to remain hidden. Since it occupies the 3rd house, it impacts the sector related to data gathering, learning and communication that lacks a broader focus.

At this new moon, however, the 9th house bigger picture is being activated, making it more possible for us to see how we have been deceived in the area of communication and data (3rd House Sedna in Pisces) with regard to health issues (Virgo New Moon).

Virgo New Moon trine Uranus in Taurus

Another important aspect at this New Moon is the exact trine from the Virgo New Moon at 14 degrees to Uranus at 14 Taurus.  Uranus plays an important rule as the dispositor of Jupiter, currently in Aquarius, and the ruler of the USA’s moon in Aquarius.  More importantly, Uranus is the primary mover and shaker during our transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

In Taurus, Uranus is revolutionizing what we value, and how we use our earthly resources.  As already discussed, the Virgo New Moon is a new cycle related to health and the healthcare system.  While Uranus is concerned with technological advancement, Taurus and Virgo require that we respect both our natural body’s immune system and the Earth’s natural resources in the process.

This trine bodes well for supporting creative solutions in that regard.

Square from Venus to Pluto

Last but not least we have a square from Venus in Libra to Pluto in Capricorn.  Venus, already strong because it’s in its own sign Libra, is naturally attracting harmony and equality.  Pluto represents correct use of power, and will reveal first those areas where power has been abused.

Square between Venus and Pluto

The low side of Venus in Libra wants to keep things “nice” and harmonious; it has a tendency to see only what is on the surface and be unwilling to look beneath to see deeper truths, unpleasant as they may be.

Pluto will always reveal the shadowy underbelly of life, giving humans the opportunity to consciously transform or involuntarily face the alchemical fire.  Either way, there is no escaping the power of Pluto to reveal all that has been hidden – consciously or not.

However, it’s important to remember that there is a high vibe to Pluto.  In order to achieve higher consciousness, an “ego death”, with all of its unhealthy attachments, is necessary in order for the pure light of the soul to shine through.

As Pluto makes its way back to its original position in the USA chart by February of next year, there is much more beneath the surface that will undoubtedly be revealed.

Please join me in holding the highest vibrational outcome for all individuals, the USA, and the world, by tuning in to the harmonic blends representing these aspects.

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Holding Steady in the Light,


Here are a few of my poems that describe the 9th House (Sagittarius) and 6th House (Virgo) evolutionary energies.  Visit my website for a list of all the houses.