December 14 New Moon Solar Eclipse, Sidney Powell, and the USA

With the November 30th  full moon lunar eclipse (FMLE) still in effect as we close out 2020, we have another one on the way one week before the Winter Solstice. On December 14 at 11:17 am EST, there will be a new moon solar eclipse (NMSE).

December 14 New Moon Solar Eclipse
December 14 New Moon Solar Eclipse

Ready or not, eclipses always propel us into change, accelerating the effects of the moon cycles and delivering surprises.

For the USA, especially, these two eclipses will continue to create enormous change and transformation that will carry us well into 2021.

Will it be a bridge too far?  Can we build a sound bridge together that transcends our differences and carries us into 2021 and beyond?  We can, of course, but we may have to endure some shocks before we can celebrate what unites us.

What’s in store for the USA

This NMSE occurs at 23 Sagittarius, opposing the USA’s Mars at 21 Gemini.  Sagittarius seeks the truth with a capital “T”, and Gemini seeks information.  Mars can bring conflict inthe areas associated with Gemini (information, networks, media).  Adding to the intensity, we have transiting Mars at 20 Aries forming an exact conjunction to the USA’s Chiron at 20 Aries and opposing USA’s Juno at 20 Libra. 

Chiron in Aries shows a history of being wounded in the area pertaining to personal identity, pioneering endeavors, and as a warrior or patriot.  Transiting Mars has been activating this sector of the US chart for several months since it turned Rx (retrograde) in August. 

Juno is the goddess asteroid who seeks equality in spousal relationships, and in the sign Libra, there is an emphasized desire for equality between the opposites.  With the exact conjunction at the time of this NMSE, there is likely to be a lance to the Chiron wound that, by its reflection, impacts Juno’s desire for equality.  And while it is painful at first, the wound would not be able to heal otherwise.

Patriotism vs. Patronizing

Transiting Mars exactly conjunct USA Chiron
Transiting Mars exactly conjunct USA Chiron

Chiron in Aries personifies championing the underdog, defending those who cannot defend themselves, and transiting Chiron has just crossed over the bottom of the chart, a highly sensitive point signifying our roots and foundation.  In addition, it is on its way to returning to its original point in the USA chart.  Much healing is needed and will indeed occur.

However, the lower vibration of Aries can also express itself as the antithesis of JFK’s famous quote: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”  

Those who live by the first part of this statement will feel Mars’s energy as challenging and conflicting.  Those who have bravely fought for this country, making sacrifices (Chiron) as warriors (Aries) for the sake of freedom and equality (Juno in Libra), will experience this transit of Mars as energy that protects their legacy.

By “warriors and patriots”, I am not just referring to war heroes.  Warriors can embody many forms, including journalists, writers, or anyone who confronts and speaks out against injustice.  Upon considering the energies of this NMSE, and to satisfy my own curiosity, I decided to have an astrological look at Sidney Powell, the “Kraken” attorney.

Sidney Powell’s Astro-Analysis

Although Sidney’s rising sign and angles cannot be determined without an exact birth time, I was able to analyze certain planets in her natal chart to see how they line up with the US Chart.  I cannot speak to her personal life experience or character, but her astrology reveals that she possesses the attributes and determination not only to get to the truth, but also to defend it.

Relevant Aspects to the USA Chart

Many more aspects apply than can be addressed here, but I have included those with relevant connections to the US Chart.  Born May 1, 1955 in Durham NC,  Sidney’s Sun at 10 Taurus forms a sextile to USA’s Sun at 13 Cancer.  Taurus represents steadfast qualities and unwavering values.  Although the degree of her moon cannot be determined without a birth time, it is in the sign Virgo, which loves to be of service, and never misses a detail.

Sidney’s Venus falls between 7-9 Aries, forming a close sextile to USA’s Uranus at 8 Gemini.  Venus represents what is valued and loved, and in Aries, Sidney values what is direct, open, and honest, and loves to take the lead in her quest for getting results.  It harmonizes with the mind (Gemini) of  “the people” (Uranus).

Mars occupies either 13 or 14 Gemini, which places it right at the midpoint between USA’s Uranus and Mars.  This means it not only forms a conjunction with each of these planets, it also links them together, acting as a bridge between them, and the relevance of this will be addressed shortly.

Sidney Powell’s Career
Comparison USA-Powell
Comparison USA-Powell

Sidney’s Saturn (career) in Scorpio (detective) forms a trine to USA’s Mercury in Cancer, and reveals commitment, dedication, and responsibility in getting to the bottom of things.

Her Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at 22/23 Cancer, conjuncts USA’s Mercury at 24 Cancer.

Jupiter expands what it touches, and allows one to see beyond the “local network” to gain perspective from a broader view.

Uranus illuminates, liberates, and revolutionizes what it touches.  The fact that Saturn harmonizes with, and Jupiter/Uranus conjuncts the USA’s Mercury, is highly significant.  Mercury rules Gemini, and therefore informs USA’s Mars and Uranus in Gemini. (communication, the media, commerce, and how people comprehend information).

Sidney’s work holds the potential to impact the information we receive, and how we comprehend it (Mercury) as it relates to the area pertaining to Cancer: our history, legacy, and homeland safety.  Now let’s have a look at the significance of Sidney’s Mars bridging together the USA’s Mars and Uranus.

Mars – Defender and Protector

Powell's Mars conjunct USA Mars and Uranus
Powell’s Mars conjunct USA Mars and Uranus

Even though Uranus at 8 degrees and Mars at 21 degrees are both in Gemini, they are too far apart to form a conjunction.  Sidney’s Mars at 13-14 Gemini, creates a bridge that links the two.

These planets are significant because Mars rules Chiron in Aries and Uranus rules South Node in Aquarius. That means that there is mutual receptivity between Chiron and the SN through these two planets.

The conjunction of Sidney’s Mars to USA’s Mars and Uranus signifies that her energy and drive as a defender and protector are activating our nation’s collective desire for information (Gemini) as well as behaving (Mars) more independently (Uranus).  Uranus, the rebel, outcast, and liberator, also happens to be the ruler of the US South Node in Aquarius (our nation’s past).

Both planets are being activated big time by the November 30 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (FMLE) and the December 14 New Moon Solar Eclipse (NMSE).  The effects of these two cycles cannot be underestimated.  In the same vein, we cannot discount Sidney Powell’s connection to the US Chart, what she herself is triggering in our nation’s quest for the truth, and how she can potentially help us heal from what currently divides us.

Sidney’s Chiron
Powell's Chiron conjunct USA South Node
Powell’s Chiron conjunct USA South Node

Sidney’s Chiron at 5 Aquarius conjuncts USA’s South Node (SN) at 6 Aquarius.  Uranus-ruled Aquarius is the sign of non-conformity.  The USA’s SN in Aquarius describes our nation’s rebel past, the American Revolution, and our forefathers’ refusal to succumb to British tyranny.

With Sidney’s Chiron conjunct the SN, she is stirring up these issues big time, but the good news is that Chiron’s ultimate purpose is to heal.  We will need to come together, but first we need to know who and what is really undermining our nation’s integrity.

Building Bridges

New Moon Solar Eclipse Conjunct Powell's North Node
New Moon Solar Eclipse Conjunct Powell’s North Node

This New Moon Solar Eclipse (NMSE) at 23 Sagittarius conjuncts Sidney’s North Node (dharma, life purpose) and Pallas (warrior goddess), both of which occupy 27 Sagittarius.  Sagittarius is the truth seekin

g sign that holds the big picture perspective, and also has an eye for foreign influence (Sag/9th house).  The Sabian symbol for 27 Sagittarius reads “a splendidly built bridge, a heritage of unknown ages, still spans the beautiful and wildly primitive stream”.

This describes someone who can build bridges between people, things, and situations inorder to unite them through a common purpose, building cohesion in society. 

“The ‘bridge’ signifies that what was built so many years ago has withstood the test of time, and provides a foundation upon which to reflect certain principles that still hold relevance today.  With the eclipse occurring at 23 Sagittarius, opposing USA’s Mars at 21 Gemini, there is likely to be both conflict around, and protection of, certain key components of information (Gemini).

The Power (Pluto) of Media

In the USA Chart, Pluto occupies 27 Capricorn, and its Sabian symbol refers to a large aviary filled with all types of birds buzzing around.  It includes “The Internet….Confined spaces…The media…”

USA's Pluto triggered by Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto
USA’s Pluto triggered by Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto

USA’s Pluto is currently being activated by the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, plus a trine from Sedna at 27 Taurus.

These triggers are highlighting the fact that the media plays an important role in the drama that is unfolding, and its transformation is absolutely inevitable with these astrological cycles.

It’s important to keep in mind that Pluto rules hidden power, and Capricorn insists upon integrity.  As the effects of these eclipses impact the current situation in the USA, those who have violated the people’s trust will no doubt meet with justice.

It’s important to remember that information is power, and those who control the information also control humanity’s choices.  To the degree that information is limited, blocked, or manipulated, is the degree to which humanity’s freedom is jeopardized.  It then becomes impossible to know the whole truth and to see the big picture.

Whatever the case may be, it is clear that Sidney Powell plays an important role in the process of uncovering and defending the truth, wherever it leads.  With each piece of information, the puzzle of the big picture becomes clearer, and helps build a bridge based upon truth.

This is the only way to transcend political division, and to unite society in one common purpose: freedom, equality, truth, and justice for all.  May it be so in the USA and reverberate throughout the world as we move into 2021 and beyond it into the Age of Light.

May Miracles Abound,


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