March 2023 Astrology, Part 1: Closing Out the Piscean Age

March is truly the kickoff month for some of the most monumental changes we will experience in our lifetime.

Aside from the new astrological year beginning on March 20-21 (Spring Equinox) and Aries New Moon, we will experience Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius, and Mars’s ingress into Cancer after its lengthy 6-month transit in Gemini.

With both Mars and Pluto co-ruling the current Scorpio South Node, and shifting signs within a few days of each other, this is quite impactful as we close out the eclipses in Taurus-Scorpio this summer.

And one month before the shifting of the nodes mid-July, the planet Sedna, which I personally assign to the third Scorpio symbol, the eagle, will ingress into Gemini until the end of November.

As these planets pertain to the Scorpio South Node, representing our past,  we can expect major shifts in our perspective about our ancient past to unfold, and I will be addressing this topic in a follow-up newsletter.

Before that, however, we have a full moon in Virgo, immediately followed by Saturn’s ingress into Pisces, and that is enough to address in this Part 1 edition of the March 2023 astrology.

Saturn, in particular, signals karmic endings, and as it transits Pisces for the next 2.5 years, it symbolizes the final chapter in a 2000-year-old Piscean paradigm.

As we complete the Age of Pisces, certain themes around suffering must be consciously reconciled in order to restore balance in, and to, our world.

Before we look at the Virgo Full Moon, it is helpful to understand the Virgo-Pisces axis as shadow expressions of one another.

This applies, in fact, to all zodiac signs regardless of whether or not we have planets in the opposite sign or not.  It’s the same principle as “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

Virgo-Pisces Axis

Martha and Mary
Christ in the home of Martha and Mary, by David Lindsey

Virgo and Pisces are like the “Martha and Mary” of the zodiac.  Mary sits in communion with the Master, while Martha busies herself getting dinner on the table.

Martha gets annoyed with Mary, who appears to be lazy, but she is reminded that sometimes the better choice is to simply be still and listen.

As is the case with all polarities, neither is all right nor all wrong, because neither polarity can be whole without the other’s expression.

This is the nature of bringing duality into wholeness, which always involves a balance, and conscious integration of the opposite expression.

This is an important concept to keep in mind as the year unfolds because we will be facing a lot of the “opposite” points of view, and we will need to look within ourselves if we want to heal our world as efficiently (Virgo) as possible.

In the body, Virgo rules the small intestine, which acts as the sifter and sorter, separating waste from what is actually nourishing.

In its relationship to Pisces, it helps us to apply this type of discernment to the invisible, spiritual realm, as well as the beliefs and emotions we tend to absorb from the world at large.

At the Virgo Full Moon, we can use Virgo’s wise discernment to identify what nourishes our spirit, and ideal vision for ourselves and the world (Pisces), and let the rest go.

Virgo Full Moon

Virgo Full MoonAt the March 7 Virgo Full Moon, any toxic habits will be highlighted and asking for purification.

This applies not just to our physical health, but also to our emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Virgo is the detail-minded, compartmentalizing organizer, who loves efficiency and analysis.

Virgo focuses on service that aids in purifying the body, the environment, a system, or an actual organization.

In contrast, the opposite sign, Pisces, is highly creative, sensitive, imaginary, artistic, compassionate, and profoundly empathic.  As mutable water, Pisces is highly sensitive to its environment, tending to change with the tides of other people’s emotions.

It governs the realm of the mirage, the illusion, the dreamworld, dissolution of concrete reality, and must overcome confusion around its own spiritual ideology and autonomy versus the collective’s “movie” version of reality.

We cannot completely separate the two signs, however, because they share the same line of energy, so even a strong Pisces placement will have Virgo traits, and vice versa.  The harmonization of these two in balance is what heals.

Together the Virgo-Pisces axis relates to the body/mind/spirit connection, and illnesses that arise from the extreme responses on either side.

Pisces’ extreme can absorb too much toxicity from other people’s emotions, while Virgo can get stuck in overthinking a problem to the point that it looms larger than it needs to be.  So Virgo must learn to turn off the mind and simply listen to spirit.

As it applies to the conclusion of the Piscean Age, we will no doubt be facing certain vulnerabilities pertaining to these very issues.

If we can release the low vibe tendencies of these signs, we can experience a more graceful transition into the Age of Aquarius, and Saturn’s 2.5 year transit of Pisces will be revealing how to do that.

It’s interesting, too, that Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius, so in some ways, this is a rite of passage from the old age into the new, and Saturn is helping us build that bridge.

Saturn’s Ingress into Pisces

MarchDuring its 2.5 year cycle, Saturn will be helping us confront our self-made limitations around spiritual – and other –  ideologies (Pisces).

Pisces governs religion, medicine, pharmacy, music, and cinema.

Its lowest form of expression tends toward manipulation in these areas to direct human emotions toward a selfish aim.  If individuals within these industries behaved in a deliberate campaign to direct the masses toward their own agenda, Saturn will put an end to this activity.

Saturn’s Energy Hones Inner Mastery

The rings around Saturn imply limitation, yet its lesson is designed to concentrate our efforts in such a way that we find the master within. Wherever Pisces is in an individual’s chart is the area of life impacted by this transit, and will, of course, be different for each of us.

It hones our energy until we grow tired of external forces bearing down on us and, instead, learn to trust our own wisdom gained from personal experience.

In Pisces, Saturn will reveal to us those areas where we have given away our own spiritual connection in favor of external authority, trusting it to deliver us from suffering.

The Gift is Ending Suffering

Suffering has certainly touched us all, whether perceived, real, directly, or indirectly as we  watched others suffer.  Those with strong Pisces placements may be more susceptible, but all of us have experienced the emotions evoked when facing suffering.

Pisces is the quintessential “sea” inside of us that empathizes so deeply, we may physically take on the suffering of others.

Without establishing healthy boundaries, Pisces can drown in its own, and others, sorrow and suffering.

Perhaps Saturn’s transit is less about “ending suffering” than it is about ending the results of needless suffering.  Are we heaping on more than is necessary and creating more toxicity in our own lives and in the world?

When we remember, however, that in our connection to Source-Creator, have the capacity to reclaim our God-given power and spiritual autonomy, we are able to “calm the stormy sea” and reach the shore to safety.

As always, my gratitude and blessings,


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